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The Importance of Fascias for Your Roof

The Importance of Fascias for Your Roof

Roofing system is probably the most neglected part of our homes. Considering its importance in ensuring that a house remains warm, dry and safe. For the functionality of the roof to be improved, it’s crucial to install fascias and soffits properly. So, let’s focus on these architectural elements that have more than just a visual importance to our homes.

First of all, what is the fascia? It is the exposed band, horizontally placed at the end of the rafters. Soffits, on the other hand, can be seen on the span beneath the tails of the rafters. Although they do give our homes a finished look, their importance is above that. The purpose of fascias and soffits is to protect of the house by keeping out squirrels, birds, bats and other pests, while giving you a smart way to disguise the attic ventilation.

A fascia is there to shield the wooden board and protect the edge of the roof from water and weather damage. Nevertheless, they do suffer the water and weather damage themselves since there’s nothing there that protects them. Soffits are used to protect the overhang areas in the roof that are exposed to the weather elements, as well as to prevent the damage and infestations to the rafters. A soffit can, however, attract insects and small animals, and over the time, it can get damaged too.


High winds can cause rain to be swirling up under the eaves, therefore it’s vital to have properly installed soffits that can keep water away from your home. Improperly maintained soffits, however, present the water collecting place. So, when cleaning and inspecting the gutters, you should inspect soffits and fascias too. Everything has to be properly caulked, sealed and painted.

Fascias and soffits are commonly constructed from wood and aluminum, although an increasing number of homeowners choose synthetic, vinyl and the elements made from composite materials. No matter which material you pick, make sure you install fascias and soffits correctly and keep in mind that they need to be waterproofed.

If you’re looking for the ways to replace fascias and soffits, check out for useful tips and tricks.

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