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Top Reasons Why Your Furnace Might Be Leaking

Top Reasons Why Your Furnace Might Be Leaking

gas furnaceAre you concerned about your furnace leaking? A leaky furnace is not very likely to run too well. Water leaking from it can add to other problems like floor and wall damage. It’s very important to immediately take care of any furnace leak as soon as it begins.

So, what causes a furnace leak? There are a number of possibilities as to why a furnace could leak. Read on to find out a few causes.

Cool exhaust

Many high-efficiency furnaces have cool exhaust that causes condensation. Usually, in high-efficiency furnaces condensation passes through a floor drain. If you notice a leak, this could probably be due to the tube being cracked or clogged.

Metal exhaust pipe

If your furnace has a metal exhaust pipe then this is a standard-efficiency furnace. This furnace usually should not have any condensation. However, if there is condensation in a standard-efficiency furnace, then the cause could be that the flue pipe wasn’t the right size, causing the hot exhaust to cool and then condense and finally leak onto the floor.

Secondary heat exchanger

Now, if that weren’t the issue, then the secondary heat exchanger could be a problem. However, if your secondary heat exchanger is causing a leak you wouldn’t be too happy because this could be really expensive and may even require your entire furnace to be replaced. If you do suspect your secondary heat exchanger to be the cause then it’s best to contact a trained professional to have a look at your furnace, since he would be the right person to advise you and give you some of the best reasonable options to fix the problem and damage


The humidifier could be another possible cause for your furnace water leak. Humidifiers sometimes tend to leak inside the furnace, causing water to collect and ultimately causing severe damage to the furnace. Therefore, it’s very important to have regular tune-ups and checks that could catch problems like these. In case, you haven’t had a furnace tune-up as yet, make sure to schedule one immediately. Try to make this a regular part of your routine as well, so you wouldn’t be faced with major issues involving your furnace in the future.

Internal drain system

Another cause could also be an internal drain system clog. If you happen to have an air conditioning unit that also shares an internal drain with your furnace, then there is a possibility that the internal drain system plug could be pushing water into the furnace causing a leak. If this is the cause of the problem, then it requires a trained professional to examine your furnace immediately before it causes any further damage.

Water leaks can sometimes be very costly and if not dealt with immediately, it could lead to damaging your wood floors, wallpaper, carpets and a lot more. Make sure to schedule regular furnace checks to catch problems well in advance. There are dependable service providers like to help with replacement and maintenance of damaged furnaces.

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