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Top Tips to Identify and Repair Leaky Roof

Top Tips to Identify and Repair Leaky Roof

roofing contractors Brooklyn NYAs such all components of a house undergo problems and need repair and maintenance. However roof problems, especially a leaky roof, is perhaps the most serious problem, because it directly creates trouble for you and turns your life into a nightmare. Here are tips to tackle the situation.

Find the Cause

To repair a leak in the roof, it’s necessary to know the cause so that you can decide whether you can repair it on your own or have to call a professional like roofing contractors Brooklyn NY. Here are some common causes.

Damaged Shingles

Over time, shingles are not left with their original strength and are more prone to get damaged once they become old.

Missing Shingles

You or other people like workmen have to access your roof whether for pressure washing, cutting tree limbs or painting. Due to excessive traffic, shingles can be loosened. Even weather elements and age can also make shingles loose and fall down.


Even a branch of a tree that ‘hits’ against a shingle on the roof repeatedly can create a hole in that shingle/s and underlayment, letting water seep down between two materials creating a link.


Birds have a tendency to peck and while doing so, their strong beaks can pierce the shingles and the underlayment, leading to a leak.


Flashing is a metal strip installed around intersecting walls, chimneys and pipe vents. If it is damaged or missing, leaks can take place.

Sealed Seams

Other points of entry of water from the roof are the seams, such as the base of a chimney. If these seams are not sealed properly, water may leak in under the roofing material.


Maintaining the roof can prevent or control many of these problems. Here are some things you should do:

  • Check the roof periodically for fallen branches and limbs that may have ruptured the roofing material, particularly after a storm with strong winds. Also check if any roofing materials are missing, loosened or damaged.
  • Trim tree branches to avoid their contact with the roof.
  • Be careful while accessing the roof and minimize the traffic.
  • Sweep leaves and debris or remove them with a blower periodically to save the roof from buildup that can cause damage to roofing materials.
  • Check soffits to make sure they are linked to the roof properly.
  • If you notice even a minor issue, repair it at once so as to avoid facing a bigger issue later.

Maintain the most important part of your house called roof and you can live under it happily for years.

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