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Types of Boilers – Which One is the Best for You?

Types of Boilers – Which One is the Best for You?

boiler choosing tipsIf you are planning to purchase a new boiler, you will have to consider many things, including the type of boiler, its size, design and energy efficiency. All these things will have an effect on your home as well as on your energy bills. Before starting shopping, take some time to think upon your available options and give a thought to which boiler would be the best for you.

Conventional Boilers

In conventional boilers, there is a storage tank for supplying hot water. There are iron heat exchangers to heat the water and these boilers can provide gallons of hot water at a time. However, after the stored hot water is finished, further supply may be delayed as the tank will take time to refill.

Conventional boilers typically occupy a larger space than combination boilers as the cylinder of hot water needs a connection with the storage tank of cold water that will usually be placed in the loft. This also makes the installation of conventional boiler usually more complicated than that of combination boilers.

Older versions of conventional boilers used to be less energy efficient. However, due to recent advances, newer models can adjust to the particular heating needs of your home.

Compact systems are also available in conventional boilers that can be fitted easily in most modern kitchens.


Benefits of a Conventional Boiler


  • It can send water to multiple taps at a time, without weakening the flow of water.
  • You get a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank as well.
  • An electrical immersion heater can be fitted to the hot water cylinder at the time of installation of your new boiler. So, you have a backup in case your boiler breaks down.
  • If you have a larger home with multiple bathrooms, a conventional boiler is very suitable to you.


Combination Boilers


Combination boilers, also known as combi boilers, provide water straight from the mains with no need of a storage tank. Because of this, combination boilers provide hot water as required in unending supply.

Combination boilers occupy less space than conventional boilers and so, they are perfect for smaller homes and properties where space can be a problem.

Combination boilers also supply water at mains pressure, which means that you can be delighted with the strong gush of hot shower without the requirement of an extra water pump.


Benefits of a Combi Boiler


  • You can obtain unending supply of hot water whenever required because it heats the water directly from the mains.
  • A cold water tank or hot water cylinder is not required, so, your space is saved. Thus it works especially well if you have a smaller space.
  • They are typically easy and quick to install since there are not many boiler parts like other heating systems.

A good local boiler company in your area, like Worcester boilers Sheffield company can advise you about which boiler to choose and you can buy it accordingly.

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