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Understanding AC Maintenance – Save by Choosing the Pros

Understanding AC Maintenance – Save by Choosing the Pros

AC repairDo you have an air conditioner that is giving you constant problems? Good maintenance and a professional repair service can fix these issues. Save on your energy bills and increase the life of your AC by being more informed about its workings.

Simple Basics of an Air Conditioner

It is always great to know the basics of your AC so if you interact with a technician you will have a better understanding of the problem and the options to fix it. Think of an AC as something that works using the same principles as you refrigerator. Of course, the area it is cooling is way larger than a refrigerator’s total space – it would be a room in the house or the entire home. Your AC uses chemicals that change their physical properties (gas to liquid and back) to transfer heat from the home to the outside environment. The fan on the rear of your AC does that job. The main parts of your AC would be the compressor, the condenser and the evaporator. The evaporator is located in the house facing side of the AC while the other two parts are usually located on the rear (which faces the outside). Simply put, the cooling (or heating) chemical transfers between these three parts in continuous cycles to maintain the temperature within the house. Of course, the process is more detailed but essentially to maintain a working AC, this cycle should not be interrupted or stalled. Some of the popular AC brands in American households include Carrier, Trane, Mitsubishi, Goodman, Rheem, Lennox, Bryant and Ruud. Each brands have specific mechanisms and distinctive patent technology, which is why only professional technicians who are familiar with the differences can provide the best repair service.

Finding the Best Service Provider

When letting friends know who to use for AC repair, I tell them that I would let Stuart Pro fix my AC. The company provides top NATE-certified technicians who will fix your AC issues at a competitive rate and with multiple assurances. Make the best decisions when it comes to repairing your AC. Leave the job to the experts and enjoy the smooth functioning of this essential home feature.

Common AC Issues

A faulty air-conditioner can be a big hassle to the daily functioning of your house. Heating and cooling already consume a chunk of the energy required to run your home and a badly maintained AC can increase those power bills. When using an AC, ensure that the doors and windows are closed. Some common problems with air-conditioners include bad wiring which interrupts the power flow and can damage the equipment in the long run. Faulty installation can lead to major AC problems – an exposed wire here and a leaking duct there. Coolant levels can drop because of a leak and reduce the effectiveness of the machine. Sometimes the added coolant is not compatible with your brand of AC, which is why one should only call expert and certified technicians for these jobs. Dirty air filters can interrupt the flow of air and compressors also break down when a machine gets older.

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