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4 Essential Factors to Consider while Choosing Hardwood Flooring

4 Essential Factors to Consider while Choosing Hardwood Flooring

home with hardwood flooringIf you’ve planned to get hardwood flooring for your home, you’ve taken a fantastic decision. But you are wondering from where to start.

Choosing flooring is one of the most important decisions during a home renovation project as the flooring is the base of everything else. Your heavy furniture, appliances, all the valuables and walls, and even you and your family will be supported by your flooring. Although there are numerous options in flooring, from marble to terrazzo to tiles, the most popular material that has passed the test of time is hardwood.

But even if you decide to get hardwood flooring, the question is not yet fully solved because not all hardwood floorings are created equal. And even choosing the flooring is not as easy as choosing your favorite color. You have to consider a lot of other factors to ensure the flooring will give you optimum performance along with the desired aesthetics.

Here are some useful pointers that you should consider to get perfect hardwood flooring.

1. Choose Between Solid and Engineered Flooring

Hardwood flooring was traditionally available in the form of thick planks of solid timber. Even these days, you can easily get this type of solid hardwood. However, many companies have started offering engineered flooring, i.e. planks made with a top thinner hardwood layer, attached to other layers meant to prevent the floor from moving during contraction and expansion cycles. All wood types move in three directions i.e. radial, tangential and longitudinal movements. In engineered products, opposite forces are created within the board that restrict the natural movement of the wood.

Engineered flooring has an installation advantage for basements and apartments having concrete subfloors. While solid wood is usually installed over layers of plywood, which can increase the height of the floor and come in the way of doors, or reduce ceiling height, engineered flooring can be glued straight to concrete or a soundproofing mat.

living room with hardwood flooring

2. Choose Between Prefinished and Site Finished

You have other two options while purchasing hardwood floor. Either you can buy one with a raw face that is finished by a professional once it’s installed or you can buy it prefinished which means the stain and topcoat are already applied when it arrives to you. The installation of prefinished flooring takes less time because color or sealant doesn’t need to be applied. In case of a site finish, you to rely upon the skills of wood flooring contractors to get it done right. However, on-site finish offers a level of customization which is appealing for several homeowners and designers.

bedroom with hardwood flooring

3. Choosing the Kind of Finish

When it comes to finishing products, you get a full range of them, from penetrating oil to site-finish polyurethanes to oil-like hybrids to prefinished UV-cured urethane finishes. To make it simple, they can be classified into oil and polyurethane.

Oil penetrates wood well and offers it a very soft, natural and matte look and feel. But its drawback is that it’s not as resistant to damage and stains as polyurethane which forms a tough topcoat on the wood surface that can withstand wear and tear, especially in homes with children or where food flies around the kitchen. Oil hardwood floor refinishing is more scratch-prone but can also keep scratches less discernible.

dining room with hardwood flooring

4. Choosing Wood Types

Oak is the most popular choice of materials in hardwood flooring in North America. This is because it’s extremely durable and takes stain very well. Another popular choice is walnut which is a bit softer than oak, but has a rich color which creates a warmer tone. Other options are maple, hickory, ash and cherry.

All in all, give keen attention to which factors to consider while choosing hardwood flooring, choose one of the most right wood flooring installers and enjoy the outcomes of making the right choice for years to come.

home with hardwood flooring

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