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4 Factors to Consider while Buying a Perfect Mattress

4 Factors to Consider while Buying a Perfect Mattress

mattress buying tipsIf you’ve been using your old mattress and are wondering if it’s the reason of your recent backache, and so, planning to buy a new mattress, you’ve taken the right decision. A good mattress is essential for the health of your back, spine and waist, which support you across the day. But like anything else, mattresses too are of so many types and how can you know what exactly to look for? Here are some useful tips.

1. Types of Mattresses

There are three basic types of mattresses.

Foam: Foam mattresses, such as tempur cloud mattresses, are the most popular among all types especially among those users who suffer from joint and back pain. While many foam mattresses are made from polyurethane, some may be made of latex too and some might include both. Foam molds to your body when you lie upon it and restores back when you get up.

Adjustable Air: This type of mattresses are to be inflated to the firmness you want with the help of an electric pump that is provided. These mattresses often include extra layers on top, like foam.

Innerspring: Innerspring mattresses made almost 60% of the ones sold today. They contain steel coils in different configurations. Manufacturers try to make some variations such as pillow top layer, special cushioning layers and infused gel.

2. Discuss with Your Doctor

If you are suffering from a health issue, first discuss with your doctor about which type of mattress you should choose. However, remember that doctors are not experts in mattresses, but as they know what you are suffering from they can give you a right opinion about how you can ease out the condition with the mattress.

3. Remember that Firm is Not Always Good

If someone has advised you to buy a firm mattress, think twice before buying one. Some research has been done on this topic and it shows that a medium firm mattress is better for low back pain than a firm mattress. Also, remember that firm support is different from firm feel. You should look for firm support with a comfortable feel and comfort should be felt by you personally.

4.  Pillow Tops Too may Not be Always Good

Users who are very lightweight are actually in no need of thick big pillow top mattresses since they don’t have sufficient weight to compress the foam to even contact the underlying support system. On the other hand, heavier/larger bodied users tend to find more comfort with a bit of additional cushion between them and the support system.

Think of all these factors and take an informed decision because buying a mattress is a big investment and can be a reason for your good or bad health. So, choose it carefully and enjoy the desired comfort.

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