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4 Important Rules to Consider while Having a Glass Extension to Your House

4 Important Rules to Consider while Having a Glass Extension to Your House

SLX Glass Canopies Glass House by Glass Extensions UKAre you wondering about how you can transform your boring house into a bright, welcoming space? Or are you dreaming of having a slice of the outside world while staying inside the house but don’t know how you can achieve it?

Well, the latest solution to both these and many other situations is having a glass extension to the house and enjoy a brightly lit house and an exciting life.

1. Function and Space

Two of the most important factors to consider while planning your new glass extension are space and function i.e. how much space you can dedicate to the extension and what you will use the extension for. Your space for the extension should ideally be not more than 20-25% of your yard space so that your property won’t look unbalanced.

Secondly you should think on whether you want the space for using it as a new living pace or making it a new kitchen or dining space or for any other purpose.

Glass Extension by Glass Extensions UK

2. Matching Your Existing Structure or Different

Ask yourself also if you want the glass extension to go with your overall existing structure or you want it to be totally distinctive and have the character of its own. This will greatly influence what components you should use such as roofing material and cladding.

Glass Extension matching or different by Glass Extensions UK

3. Comfort

A glass extension can be perfect for forming a bright space; but it may even be a structural blunder if it’s not well-planned as there will be issues like overheating and glare in summer and biting cold temperatures in winter.

To avoid these problems, you need to get the job done from someone like who are expert in design and modern innovation. These expert glass extension designers may use well-insulated double glazed units to keep the space comfortably warm and in addition they can consider placing oak rafters underneath the tiled roof of the structure which will not only add a character to the space but also offer additional warmth.

SLX Glass Canopies Glass House by Glass Extensions UK

4. Rules and Regulations

Keep in mind that glass extensions fall under the permitted development (PD) rules and so, you should meet particular requirements in terms of size etc. Meaning of this is that unless the conservation area or listed status affects you, you won’t have to apply for planning permission. However, it’s recommended to check with your area’s council before starting the work.

You will have to comply with Building Regulations. It’s restricted by Part L1B to use not more than 25% glass of the new floor area in extensions.

So, after checking all the rules and regulations and considering your personal preferences, you can have the glass extension of your dreams and enjoy a new illuminated part of your house.

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