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Awesome Tips for Choosing Window Blinds for Every Room of Your Home

Awesome Tips for Choosing Window Blinds for Every Room of Your Home

Window TreatmentWindow treatment is as important in home decoration as the furniture, wall paint and lighting in a room. Windows are your connection to the outside world when you are in your home. So, you need to feel pleasant while looking at them when you enter a room and window blinds are a definite way to make your windows look stunning. Here are a few ideas to trigger the creativity in you for choosing blinds for various rooms to give them their right character.

Kitchen Window Treatment

You may think of giving a window treatment to all the rooms in your house, but hardly to your kitchen, though you may want to add every other decorative element to this workroom of yours. Well, there are reasons for that, such as risk of catching fire, getting dirty soon, fading and warping. But what if you can eliminate the risk factor and choose the right kind of blinds for kitchen? Here’s how you can do that.

Well, the risk of catching fire can be eliminated when you choose blinds that don’t blow away freely with the incoming breeze, but remains clung to your window frame, and you have so many choices like roller blinds, vertical blinds and honeycomb blinds. Take a look at the range of Australian blinds online, for example.

Another danger for kitchen blinds is high moisture, temperature and potential spillage. Here you can choose to have faux wood blinds. They are great because they won’t fade or warp. They are easy to clean too as you can clean any spillage with a quick swipe.

Another popular solution for kitchen blinds is café shutters that cover the lower part of a window and create a cozy environment in the kitchen while allowing some light in.

Kitchen Window Treatment

Bedroom Window Treatment

Your bedroom is a place where you want no disturbance in your rest, privacy and being on your own. The type of blinds to be put on its windows depends on what amount of light and privacy you want and at which different hours of the day. Blockout blinds are great for the bedroom because they totally block light at night when you want them to do so, thanks to a special treatment and additional tight fabrics.

Another superb option for the bedroom window treatment is plantation shutters. These are full-length shutters that can be opened fully or angled to let some light in. When completely closed, they create a perfectly light-proof room.

Bedroom Window Treatment

Living Room Window Treatment

Your living room is a room where you can experiment as much as you want with your blinds. As a rule of thumb, this room should be well-lit and airy; there is not even an issue of privacy regarding this room. And you want the windows to create a cheerful, vibrant look so that you and your guests will feel pleasant and hospitable. At the same time, you want to protect large furniture pieces and floor and rugs from direct sunlight. Semi-sheer curtains with cheery floral or similar designs in pastel colors can be a best choice because they will create the much-desired welcoming environment in the room, allow light in and will protect your furniture and floor from direct sunlight.

Another amazing option is honeycomb or cellular shades since they can reduce your energy bills by trapping heat or cold air in summer and winter respectively between their different layers.

honeycomb blinds for living room window

Another popular option is solar shades. They can be customized to fit any size of window, are low-profile and can be motorized. They allow some light in but wonderfully protect furniture, photos and floor from fading.

You can get all the above types and many other types of Australian blinds online. Get them and use the above guidelines to become a proud home owner with beautiful windows.

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