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Benefits and Challenges of Bamboo Flooring to Consider to Make the Right Decision

Benefits and Challenges of Bamboo Flooring to Consider to Make the Right Decision

baby on bamboo flooringIf you are planning to install wood flooring and wondering which wood material to choose, bamboo is definitely worth considering. You will be surprised to know that bamboo is not only as sturdy as other hardwoods like maple and oak, it fights better with water damage than most other woods. However, you can take a better decision about whether to choose this exceptional wood for your flooring or not, if you know its benefits and challenges. Here they are.

Benefits of Bamboo Flooring


Bamboo is highly renewable. It becomes mature within as little time as 3 to 5 years. This is way faster than hardwood trees which take 20 or even more years to mature.

Easy to Maintain

Bamboo is comparatively much easy to maintain. You only need to sweep or vacuum your bamboo flooring so as to remove any dirt and debris. You can even damp mop it occasionally or use a non-alkaline, non-wax bamboo or hardwood floor cleanser.

cleaning bamboo flooring

Water Resistant

As mentioned earlier, bamboo fights better with water damage and also warping and stains than other hardwood materials.

Natural Construction Material

Nowadays there is a trend of using natural materials in constructions so as to live in natural and therefore safe environment. People have become ecologically more conscious and want materials with natural values. They also want designs and materials that discard the modern cookie cutter world and focus instead on individuality and natural evolution. Bamboo has all these properties.


Certain species of bamboo are incredibly strong and durable. Uncarbonized, natural bamboo that is correctly harvested and manufactured can be equally durable as red oak. And strand woven bamboo can be made even harder than that.


Bamboo being one of the most popular flooring materials, can make your home look utmost trendy and stylish. It can add to the elegance and beauty of the space wherever it is used. It has the same feel and appearance as that of hardwood and still, has a distinct personality of its own. Because of these qualities, bamboo can add an indescribable quality to any room.


Bamboo flooring can become scratched, discolored or marred over time. Fortunately its surface can be refinished by sanding it down and then applying the finishing coats again to offer it a new look. The thickness of the bamboo planks used will decide the amount of sanding that should be done.

bamboo flooring elegance

Challenges Presented by Bamboo Flooring

VOC Emission

Planks used to make bamboo flooring are produced by shredding or slicing the stalks of bamboo plant and then sticking the pieces together with the help of heat, pressure and a resin-based adhesive. This glue can emit VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) into indoor air over time.


Although bamboo flooring is pretty easy to maintain, it’s almost impossible to keep it perfect especially if it is in regular use. A wide range of objects can cause scratches on bamboo flooring, including pet claws, high heels and furniture legs. Once scratches are formed, small particles of sand, dirt and grit get settled in them over time making the floor dirty.

Water Damage

Although bamboo is more resistant to water damage than other hardwoods, it’s after all a natural material and so, extreme moisture can cause it to warp or allow mold growth. A flood can cause severe damage to bamboo flooring.

No Grading System

No system exists that can grade the quality of bamboo materials. Retailers will usually separate lots into grades A and B; but it’s just a random system and doesn’t indicate any quality. This compels you to find a reputable dealer to ensure you purchase quality material.

Considering these pluses and minuses, now you can make an informed decision of whether bamboo flooring can be a right choice for you. However, if you choose it, it will definitely offer you a great pleasure of natural, safe and elegant flooring.

baby on bamboo flooring

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