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Choosing a Mattress – Types and Firmness

Choosing a Mattress – Types and Firmness

If you want to stay healthy and happy it’s crucial to get a good night’s sleep. Among many things that contribute to sleeping tight is surely the right mattress. Since there are so many types and models of mattresses, buying one for your own bedroom might be a daunting task. I’ve checked top 10 best mattress reviews to help you find a mattress that will meet your own preferences and needs. Here are two things you should consider before hitting the high street or ordering a new mattress online: type and firmness of mattresses.

Types of Mattresses

There’s no universally accepted “best” type of mattress; the one you should opt for depends greatly on your own preferences. So, how to choose the best mattress type to meet your own needs? I’ve tried to break down the most common types of mattresses to make your selection process at least a little bit easier.

Hybrid mattress – As its name indicates, hybrid mattresses are constructed from a combination on many materials to maximize their advantages and minimize certain disadvantages. They consist of latex, polyurethane and memory foams, coils etc. Hybrids are an ideal option for a sleeper who wants the best of all worlds and the majority of sleepers find them satisfying.

Latex mattress – This mattress is built from latex foam only and it’s characterized by comfort and cooling properties, as well as great responsiveness and bouncing. So, if you want these characteristics, a latex mattress is the right choice for you. Also, it’s ideal for those sleepers who like foams, yet dislike the noticeable contour that usually comes with memory foams.

Memory foam mattress – Consisting only of memory foam, this mattress is known for body contouring, pressure relief and immense support. Although it has a bad reputation for “warming”, contemporary models have superior cooling properties. A memory foam mattress is the best choice for a sleeper who’s looking for contour, body shaping, hug, support and pressure relief.

Innerspring mattress – Also known as coil mattress, innerspring is one of the most commonly used mattress type. It has one or more spring coil layers that provide comfort and support; the larger number of coils, better support and comfort. Innerspring mattresses are ideal for sleepers who are looking for a more traditional “mattress” feel, strong edge support, bounce and cooling.

Pillow-top mattress – This type can fall into all above mentioned categories if there’s a layer of soft material that’s sewn or stuffed into the cover. Pillow-top mattresses add cushion and more comfort for sleepers.

Adjustable mattress – This mattress offers the chance to change the sleeping position by inclining the back or elevating the feet. Some of these beds are able to heat, vibrate and massage sleepers. If you have some special sleeping needs, an adjustable mattress might meet your requirements. It’s perfect for some medical issues, older people and those who snore (too much).

Firmness of Mattresses

How firm the mattress should be depends on several things, but especially on sleeper’s weight, height and sleeping position.

Soft – If you’re a side sleeper or you like to change position while sleeping, a soft mattress might be the best option for you. The reason is simply: the pressure from your spine is already relieved by the way you sleep, so it’s important to choose the mattress that would mold to the natural position of your body.

Medium soft – This firmness is highly recommended for a sleeper who changes sleeping position a lot; it still molds to the position of the body, but provides more support.

Medium firm – Medium firm mattresses are best for sleepers who sleep on their back. This firmness offers lower back support those sleepers need.

Firm – If you sleep on your front or suffer from back pain, a firm mattress should be on your shopping list. It can keep your back stable and comfortable and you won’t sink into the mattress while sleeping.

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