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Get the Elegant Look of Wood with Economy and Eco-friendliness of Porcelain Tiles

Get the Elegant Look of Wood with Economy and Eco-friendliness of Porcelain Tiles

porcelain tiles looking like woodThere is no doubt that wooden flooring and walls offer an unmatched elegance to your home. Hardwood gives your home the rustic look that makes you feel a serene, countryside atmosphere. However, it’s a major misery that the shine of hardwood declines very soon and overall life of wood is very less. Before you even know, water damage and scratches make the wood look dull and damage it, requiring an expensive resurfacing. Is there any solution? Yes, there is! It’s porcelain tile that looks exactly like wood! Don’t you believe it? Read on.

Visit and you will be amazed by the wooden flooring, bathrooms, walls and other elements of a house that have a beautiful patina. But you will be surprised to know that the wood is not actually wood, but it’s porcelain tiles! Here’s why people prefer these tiles.


Wooden flooring is extremely tough to maintain. It dents, scratches, warps, chips and cracks because of pets, traffic and messes. Unless it is cleaned daily, it soon loses its shine and grace. It also has to be resealed/refinished every two years.

On the contrary, porcelain tiles that can be given the finish of wood are extremely easy to maintain. They can be cleaned easily because they are not harmed by any cleaning method you use, neither is it damaged when your dog runs over it or your junior spills a bowl of red or green soup on it.

It at all, damage occurs, you can replace only one or two tiles that are damaged and not the entire section of the flooring. A little maintenance is required in the form of applying a sealer every 3 to 5 years to prevent moisture from entering in the tiles.


Wood floors themselves cost quite a lot. Add the cost of installation and maintenance to it and think if it’s really worth it.

Porcelain tile that can be given a wooden finish cost same as wood but are not labor intensive like wood planks. Maintenance is in the form of a sealer to be applied in 3 to 5 years which is much less than refinishing, resurfacing and resealing required by wood.

With the use of technology, tiles can be made to look so much like wood that you can feel the difference only after touching it. Small details like knots, grain and different shades can be replicated easily. Thus you can achieve the look of an expensive, exotic wood at a fraction of the price.

Can be Used Anywhere

Wood flooring fades when exposed to sunlight and warps upon exposure to moisture. Both these properties make it useless in kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, porcelain tiles that resemble wood can be used anywhere, even outdoors as it repels liquid and thus eliminates the problems like warping, staining and mold.


Customizing wood flooring is very costly and time-consuming, whereas porcelain tiles can be fully customized to reflect your personal choice. There are numerous colors, sizes and grains available in them with which you can create your own unique design.


Around 20 million trees are felled every year. If you use porcelain tiles, this staggering number can be reduced. Tiles give just the same warmth and gorgeous look that wood gives, but without harming even a single tree. Wood-like porcelain tiles last for years and give you true value for your money.

So, bring home elegant look, economy and eco-friendliness with the porcelain tiles and be a proud homeowner.

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