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Painting Your Home – Things You Should Consider to Get the Best Work Done

Painting Your Home – Things You Should Consider to Get the Best Work Done

painting a homeEven though your home is neat and tidy, if its walls are not painted, a lot of its beauty and curb appeal are lost. Therefore, while considering a remodeling, it’s important to consider painting first. However, it’s also necessary to find the right paint/s, understand different types of finishes and techniques and find the most perfect painting contractor, in order to make your home stand out. Here are some tips.

Choosing the Right Paint

Before even searching for the best among various painting companies, you should get information about different aspects of your painting project so that you can talk more confidently and without any confusion while interviewing the service providers. Also, when you talk knowledgeably, there are fewer chances of being cheated or misled.

The most important among these aspects is the right paint. By choosing the most perfect paint, you can not only make your home look attractive, but can also cover smudges and imperfections. There are various options.

Flat Paint: Flat paint has a matte finish and it doesn’t reflect light. It also doesn’t wash well; so, cleaning can lead to loss of paint saturation. However, it has a major advantage that it conceals imperfections very well.

baby room colors

Eggshell: This type of paint has a matte finish and a cool, understated glow. It washes a bit better than flat paints, allowing superficial cleaning whenever required. However, it doesn’t conceal imperfections like flat paints.

colors for bedroom

Satin: Satin paints have a medium gloss finish able to reflect a higher amount of light. Therefore they are commonly chosen for kitchens and bathrooms. The final outcome is not highly glossy, but is extremely smooth and appealing. This paint is nicely washable and can bear high amount of humidity, though it cannot hide imperfections.

colors for kitchen

Semi- and High-gloss: These paints reflect the highest amount of light; so, they are perfect choices for kitchens, toilets and areas where there is high traffic. They can also bear high humidity levels and a lot of washing. Semi- and high-gloss paints are usually chosen to paint baseboards and other neat objects being so easy to clean. Also they are perfect for furniture as they offer a nice gleam to the wood. However, these finishes are unable to hide imperfections.

bathroom color

Painting Techniques You Should Know

The other important factor you should know about is the different techniques of painting. There are 3 major painting techniques.

Color Washing: This technique can offer any wall a classic look, just like that of a Tuscan villa. This is quite an easy technique because it makes use of one flat color as a base and a glaze over. The look thus offered is a great fun. However, the glaze is thick and will require a lot of thinning to achieve the consistency you desire; therefore, testing it first on a trial board or wall is recommended.

choosing a finish

Crackle: This is a little more labor intensive and time consuming process, but gives fantastic results. It offers walls a very unique aged but metallic look with its blistering and splitting. It totally changes the look of a room and adds a drama. It involves a number of coats of minimum 3-4 different paints, polyurethane and glaze. You also have to wait a lot for each coat to dry. However, the time spent and the efforts applied are worth it because of the awesome looks.

grey shades

Sponge Painting Walls: This is similar to another method called rag rolling and gives walls a unique look too. But the look is more modern than crackle or color washing. It needs much less labor than crackle but same as color washing in that it uses only one base coat, which is left to dry and then a glaze which is applied with a sponge roller. To achieve a dramatic look, you can choose a combination of pale tan and deep brown glaze, or similar.

light colors reflect most light

Choosing the Right Painting Contractor

After you gain some sizeable knowledge about paints and painting techniques, you can start your mission to find a right painting contractor, like The Painting Company in Omaha.

Check if There is Lead Paint: If your home was constructed before 1978, you should hire an experienced lead expert to check the lead paint before you start your painting work. Older homes are found with lead paint still in the original coats.

Prepare for Painting: You should give special attention to paint preparation as it is the foundation of the project. Therefore, if it is done correctly, your paint will be at its best, while if it is done wrongly, even the best paint will chip, peel or crack easily. Preparation consists of necessary repairs and cleaning of dirty walls (e.g. near sink and stove). Soap scum and greasy deposits can meddle with adhesion of paint.

areas near sinks

Taking Due Care while Hiring a Professional: Take care to read the contract well and ensure that it includes everything that will be done and all the products used. For example, it should include the type and level of surface preparation, type of primer and priming, and the paint brand. You should also include the number of coats that will be used.

Check for Extra Costs: Moving heavy pieces of furniture may not be a part of the estimate. If you are not able to do it, inquire beforehand if you will have to pay an extra charge. There may also be extra charge for painting baseboards, crown molding, and walls and ceilings taller than the regular 8 feet.

Choose a Color: While choosing a color, you should consider the apparent space of the rooms. Light colors make the room look spacious and well-lit, while darker ones make it look smaller than it actually is. You can invest in a small-sized paint can to test the color before you buy a bigger one. Paint a small part of the wall and check it in various lights all through the day. You should not only check it in broad daylight because then your perception about the color in other lights in a day may come to be wrong. If you are thinking of selling your home, choose only neutral colors.

choose neutral colors

Choosing a Finish: Now that you know about various types of finishes, you can choose one according to your choice. A general rule is to pick one that gives a higher sheen and can stand washing and moisture well. is a leading Omaha Painting Company known for high quality residential as well as commercial painting services. They have more than 30 years of experience in the painting industry. Visit their site to know more about them.

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