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Top 4 Types of Shelving Systems to Achieve the Best Storage and Home Décor

Top 4 Types of Shelving Systems to Achieve the Best Storage and Home Décor

Reclaimed Redwood Stack Shelves by Deger CengizShelves are fantastic tools for organizing books and other objects. Without shelves, these objects may keep lying on floors, tables or sofas, or make your cabinets crowded and remain neglected. Shelves are excellent for displaying your curios and create a story from them. They keep the sweet memories of your holidays always before your eyes. Shelves are available in a variety of designs, styles, materials and prices. Here are some of them to trigger your imagination to make their best use.

1. Fixed Bracket Shelving System

Fixed bracket shelves are made of individual brackets that can either be used together or with additional brackets to form a multi-shelf system or as stand-alone shelves. They come in wood as well as metal and can be connected or hinged directly to a case or wall. Metal or plastic shelf pins of varying thicknesses and sizes support them.

Wood brackets come in a wide array of decorative styles and are a popular option for home décor. Bracket shelving systems are also known as suspension shelving.

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2. Built-in Shelving System

These are one of the simplest forms of all shelving system types. These structures are fitted within corners and spaces of a home. The still simplest among them is a single wooden plank installed horizontally over an opening in a wall. These systems can be fixed practically anywhere in a home, e.g. above foundation walls, above or below wall cabinets or even next to a fireplace. You can either assemble and fit them onsite or get them constructed in a workshop and bring home and install them. They are an effective and practical way to use the otherwise unused spots in your home.

3. Floating Shelving System

Unlike fixed bracket system which is attached by visible nails and pins, floating shelving system looks as if it’s floating over walls, seemingly unattached to hinges and screws. Also known as torsion-box shelves, floating shelves are made of engineered wood and have internal brackets to support them. They come in a huge range of designs, colors, shapes and sizes.

4. Corner Shelving System

A corner shelving system is a smart way to make the most of storage without occupying too much space. They cleverly make use of inaccessible or hard-to-access corners in various fashionable styles. Corner shelves come in wood, laminated/engineered wood and plastic and can be tailored to fit any space. These systems are either wall-hung or floor-based and are great for storing and displaying items.

Thus you can choose among these various shelving systems and achieve the best storage and home décor.

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