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Top Tips to Choose a Perfect Mattress

Top Tips to Choose a Perfect Mattress

mattress choosing tipsIf you are feeling tired in the morning after getting up and experiencing pain in neck, back or waist, it’s perhaps time to change your mattress. After a hectic day, your body needs a good rest which only a good mattress can give. Before sharing information with you about what to consider while choosing a perfect mattress, I want you to click here and go through some of the most comprehensive mattress reviews. Now with the tips!

Types of Mattress

Mattresses come in a variety and you better compare them with each other and your needs. Prices too vary a lot and you may be overwhelmed sometimes by the high prices. However, fortunately for a comfortable mattress you don’t have to spend your hands and legs. Some major types of mattresses you should consider are:

Memory Foam: Memory foam is the best for those who suffer from joint and back pain. This is mostly polyurethane and is a type of latex foam. This is considered to be hypoallergenic. Its specialty is it molds itself according to your body. After you get up from it, it restores to its normal shape. Its drawback can be hotness. But it can be overcome with infused gel which keeps it cool.

Innerspring: The traditional mattresses, innerspring contain steel coils in different configurations. These are usually the cheapest mattresses and are most widely used too. Some variations are a pillow-top layer, special cushioning layers and infused gel.

Adjustable Air: This mattress is to be inflated to achieve the desired firmness. There is an electric pump attached to the bed for this purpose. These mattresses usually include extra layers on top, mostly of foam. The noise of the pump may be annoying at night.

What to Believe?

There are a lot of myths regarding mattresses and while starting the shopping, you may get to hear them all. Some such myths are:

Foam layers are best: This may not be true because the foam layers may be too thin to give the desired comfort.

Coils are best: Actually the coils are usually thinner-gauge metal and make no difference even if they are more in number.

Gel is cooler: Gel is actually included to provide a cooling effect. But often it is placed beneath many other layers. Innerspring mattresses that contain gel tend to sleep a bit cooler.

Read reviews of a range of popular and high quality mattresses at and take an informed decision.

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