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Upgrade Your Home with These Incredible Ideas

Upgrade Your Home with These Incredible Ideas

A home is where we make memories with our close knitted family members and friends. And, so it needs to be comforting and welcoming with its pleasing aesthetics. Read these ideas and implement them to upgrade your sweet home. These ideas will make your home more lovable and not just liveable.

Install creative door name plate – Your home should start feeling welcoming just at your entrance door. So, install creative door nameplate and a welcome sign at your main entrance. Keep in mind that your entrance is the first impression any visitor will get.

Set up a gallery wall in your living room – A gallery wall will not only steal attention with its beauty, but will also remind you and your family, the love bond you share with each other. Dedicate a wall of your living room to lovely photo-frames holding pictures of your family, showcasing your love-filled moments. Try to be strategic and creative in deciding the position of each frame. Keep the center of your gallery at normal eye-level.

Bring sophistication with furniture – The type of furniture you use sets the complete tone of your home decor. So try to bring some sophistication and uniqueness to your furniture choice. One of the best ways to do this is to choose handcrafted furniture. In this era of industry made furniture, handcrafted furniture can bring a unique beauty to your home decor.

Make mirrors an integral part of your home decor – Mirrors can bring a magical effect to any home when placed at the right place and with the right angle. Mirrors reflect light and make your room feel much brighter and bigger. One of the indirect benefits of keeping mirrors in your home is that they will push you lovingly to tidy up your room by reflecting the mess you generally turn your back to.

Go green – This one is my favorite… I just love green! I’m not telling to paint your house in green. I just want you to know that adding green plants to your interior decoration will not only enhance beauty but also makes atmosphere healthier. Bring in some plants that do not require direct sunlight.

Build an indoor tree-house in the kids’ room – You don’t need to have a big lawn to give your child the pleasure of playing in a tree-house. You can easily make it in your apartment using bunk bed as the base. You can Do-it-yourself with cardboards. This will not only make your kids happy but also give a unique decoration to your home.

Install stained glass window – You must have seen magical effects created by the stained glass window reflection in churches or vintage buildings. You can bring that effect of history in your modern decor home by installing stained glass windows in your home. The best place to install these will be the windows that get direct sunlight. However, you can also install in the interior windows of your home.

Do you have any other idea to make your abode more lovable? Share with us!

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