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Why Install a Large Modern Designer Ceiling Fan vs. Old Fashioned Standard Models

Why Install a Large Modern Designer Ceiling Fan vs. Old Fashioned Standard Models

choosing a correct ceiling fanDo You Want a Modern Ceiling Fan or an Outdated Relic?

When looking for the perfect ceiling fan, one must take up the decision on either going for a large modern designer ceiling fan that is well built for enjoying the perks of millennial technology or to choose an old-fashioned standard model, charmed with history, and maybe even a little rust. Your budget may tilt your decision one way or the other, but if you can afford the the fan with the better technology it will be well worth it in the end.

But let’s address the obvious: does anyone actually like going to a store to purchase something outdated and boring, when there are so many more exciting choices available? In fact, in most cases where an old fashioned ceiling fan is involved it’s either the ceiling fan came with the home, or it was purchased a long time ago. Whatever the case may be, you do not have to continue with this unsatisfying piece.

Modern ceiling fans are built to fit nowadays’ standards, including some that may be controlled from a smart phone via Bluetooth. They include some innovative styles, cutting across tropical and contemporary designs. These ceiling fans are highly convenient and built to withstand both indoor and outdoor temperatures; whereas the old-fashioned standard models might not be able to fulfill those requirements.

Old vs. Modern ceiling fan

Old Fashioned Standard Models

Old fashioned ceiling fans possess blades that can fade and warp within a short period of time; this may cause the fan to look shabby, giving your room a rather unattractive look. Now, just as the ceiling fan blades lose their original luster so does the motor housing and even the hardwares that came with it.

For those who have an older model, chances are it came with a pull chain control, which requires a somewhat stressful ordeal compared to their newer cousins.

Large Modern Designer Ceiling Fans

Everyone wants to move with the trend especially when it has everything to do with their convenience and health. This is simply what the larger modern ceiling fans offer. When you shop for these ceiling fans, you will find designs of cool sophistication with styling that are sure to lend a modern air to your home. With this, you can enjoy crisp, clean and cooler feeling air either for indoor or outdoor areas of your home.

A modern ceiling fan make you feel cool in summers and warm you in the winter. They are also very efficient, even at high speeds, and some use 2/3 less energy than their older counterparts, which means they save money by reducing cooling at heating cost it by up to 40%.

Using these updated energy efficient ceiling fans during summer, especially with their longer blade spans, helps in cooling down your house and makes temperatures seem lower than they actually are. These ceiling fans are manufactured with reversing functions which provide an even comfortable temperature during the colder months by moving hot air back down to the living areas of your home. This is a great help in homes with high ceilings in winter seasons.

How do they really work?

When it comes to modern ceiling fans, they sometimes use a little more power when the motor first starts to get going. In other words, for a very short time period there is a slight spike in energy use, but once it gets going, it does not use as much energy at all. Many of the new models using DC motor technology will use under 30 watts of electricity on its highest setting. Since DC ceiling fans come with six or more speeds, the lower speed settings use even less energy. In fact, the average DC ceiling fan motor will only consume 9 watts of electricity on speed setting three. And since that is the most common speed setting people use, imagine the energy savings when compared to a traditional ceiling fan on its medium setting, which averages using 50 watts comparably.

ceiling fan with a modern design

These new modern designs are unique in their number of blades. Modern ceiling fans may use only one blade, and as many as nine. With new technologies no longer does the number of blades affect airflow very much. Rather the design of the blade and the RPMs the motor rotates it will affect the volume of air output.

The fan blades’ job is to send out air movement throughout the room. Most modern large ceiling fans will push a tremendous amount of airflow around the room, causing an excellent amount of circulation towards every direction.

In order for these fans to work during the winter months the airflow volume has to be slowed down quite a bit, thus lower speeds are needed. Speed 1 of a 6-speed fan is very slow and the airflow volume is very gentle. Due to the physical densities of air; cold air is heavier than hot air, therefore in the colder seasons, hot air rises towards the ceilings, and by reversing the blade rotation of these amazing fans and using them on the slowest speed setting, you will be able to send the hot air downwards towards the living level where you will be able to reclaim it.

Where to buy?

Modern Fan Outlet has modern ceiling fans that symbolize time-proven reliability. Since the company values effectiveness and efficiency, they sell only quality models designed with utmost creativity.

Designer units include sleek contemporary ceiling fans designed in styles fit for modern dwellings. One of the advantages of these advanced day fans is that they are specially designed for both aesthetic appeal and function.

Imagine lounging outside on your home patio with your family, friends, and other loved ones. Sharing a fun and relaxing time with them has everything to do with the warmth and feel of the home. To actually capture the essence and enjoy every moment you’ll have to add modernized designer furniture to your beautiful patio, not forgetting your ceiling fan. Leaving up an old fashioned model may completely ruin the setting you’ve tried so hard to create.

Modern Fan Outlet

Many homes across America today are adorned with beautiful modern designer ceiling fans, both indoors and outdoors. These lighting fixtures and cooling devices often graced with larger blades are also accessorized to provide a room with effective lighting.

What more can you ask for?

Installing a large modern designer ceiling fan into your home remodeling project does not have to be a hassle. Please visit to see many models that are available for that extra breeze and increased comfort level in or out of your home.

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