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3 Great Tips to Have a Bathroom of Your Dreams

3 Great Tips to Have a Bathroom of Your Dreams

bathroom renovation contractors in VancouverA bathroom remodeled with a lot of planning and thought can provide years of comfort and pleasure. Planning ahead and setting a budget will keep your project on track. You will also need to be keen in choosing the best countertop, sink and toilet for your space.

Consider hiring bathroom renovation contractors in Vancouver that offer the best quality at great prices in materials. They can build your bathroom which will make you amazed. They have licensed plumbers and expert tile setters who can complete your bathroom renovation project with speed and efficiency. Consider contacting them at 604-761-1518.

Here are a few useful tips for a pleasant bathroom renovation experience.

1. Set Aside an Amount for the Unexpected

A common bathroom problem is the hidden water damage, whether from a running toilet or a leaky shower. A floor feeling spongy is a sign of serious water damage. Other issues may be literally hidden, e.g. a vent inside a wall that you considered you were planning to knock down.

An experienced contractor will explore ahead of time to find out as many problems as possible. For example, in case of a vent stack, they will examine above the bathroom to check if the pipe is coming up through the house. However, contractors are humans and can’t see through walls. Hence don’t expect them to find every pitfall. Therefore, it’s important to set aside an amount to deal with unexpected problems. If none appears, you will feel good to have the amount for yourself after the renovation!

2. Let the Toilet Out of Sight

A functional and stylish bath can also be discreet. Therefore, it’s good to hide the toilet away either behind a half wall or within its own ‘room-in-a-room’. Even a piece of furniture like a dresser or an armoire can become the barrier without needing you to spend on a framed wall.

3. Choose Good Surfaces

The surfaces in your master bathroom do more than only contributing to the general aesthetic. They also undergo plenty of abuse. Porcelain is a favorite material of designers for using on walls as well as floors. You can even get versions that resemble natural stone. Designers recommend larger tile size to reduce grout lines and making upkeep easy.

Porcelain is also a popular material for sinks, though they are found to be chipping. A more durable option is enamel-on-steel sinks. They are stain-resistant. A still more durable option is solid-surface sinks that lets the sink to get integrated with the vanity countertop.

Follow these tips and you will end up in having a bathroom of your dreams.

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