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5 Important Things You Should Consider while Buying a Perfect Boiler for Your Home

5 Important Things You Should Consider while Buying a Perfect Boiler for Your Home

Buying a Perfect Boiler for Your HomeLike any other important appliance in a home, a boiler too is quite daunting when it comes to buying one. But there are certain things you can remember which will make the process of making a decision easy for you. Here are a few.

1. Why is it Important to Buy a Reliable Boiler?

It’s actually very simple. The more reliable your boiler, the less money will it make you shell out for expensive repairs. If you buy a reliable boiler, you can save a significant amount on repairs. To add to that, if you don’t get a boiler service on time to repair the boiler, you may need to get cold showers and live in a freezing cold home!

Buying a Perfect Boiler for Your Home

2. Get a Boiler Engineer’s Opinion

A valuable source of information when you want to buy a new boiler is your boiler engineer. S/He can guide you to choose the best size and type of boiler for you. However, while relying totally upon your engineer’s opinion, you should also remember that many engineers get incentives by certain companies of boilers and so, they will naturally recommend those brands to you and look for installing them in your home.

It’s better to read online reviews of actual users of those boilers regarding their experiences and tally them with your engineer’s opinion. If they match with your engineer’s review, you can rely on your engineer’s recommendation. And finally, you can think logically about how true or false s/he may be and take your decision. Discuss with your friends and family too about which brand and style is the most reliable.

3. Types of Boilers

Gas condensing boilers are mainly of three types: combi, conventional and system.

Combination Boiler: This is commonly called a combi boiler and heats water as you want it and doesn’t need you to have a storage tank.

Conventional Boiler: This is also known as a heat-only boiler and need you to have a hot water cylinder or tank so that you can store the hot water for later use.

System Boiler: A system boiler is same as a heat-only boiler but has more number of components inside which makes it easier to install than the heat-only boiler. It also typically takes up less space.

If your home is small with only one bedroom, or if you live alone or with only one other person, a combi boiler without a hot water tank may be your best bet. If you have got a large home or you live with more than two people, a system or heat-only boiler will often be a better choice for you.

4. Selecting an Efficient New Boiler

If you want to replace your old-style boiler with a modern gas condensing boiler, the good news is that you will save a significant amount on your energy bill.

If you want to replace your modern condensing boiler with a new one, there is again good news that all of them too are very energy efficient.

The analysis of all the gas condensing boilers by the biggest manufacturers in the UK shows that the difference in efficiency is negligible.

Think on who is a great boiler fixer near me and get a good boiler fitted.

Buying a Perfect Boiler for Your Home

5. Size of the Boiler

While choosing the best size of boiler, you must consider two points:

  1. Heating capability
  2. Physical size and whether it will fit in your home

The appropriate size of the boiler will be unique to you and your home, since it depends on things like how many people live with you and how many bathrooms you have. Here your heating engineer can help you to decide the correct size of boiler based on these things.

Find a perfect boiler with the help of these tips and enjoy the warmth and comfort it brings to you.

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