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A Comprehensive Bathroom Renovation Guide

A Comprehensive Bathroom Renovation Guide

Bathroom Renovation GuideHave a bathroom that is no more pleasing your home? Well, don’t worry. It happens with everyone! Unfortunately, bathrooms over time pick up excess clutter and dirt from daily usage and no matter how much you try, you can’t keep them clean and beautiful as before. Hence, all these situations point towards a bathroom renovation.

But, you may be scared by the name of a bathroom renovation, right? Do you really need to? Well, an affordable bathroom renovation can help you overcome your fear. With the help of effective and efficient planning, you can get the best results out of your budget.

No doubt, regardless the size of the bathroom, the renovation is not an easy task, but not impossible though. A simple bathroom renovation increases the value of the home. Hence, to know how you can do the renovation, here’s a bathroom renovation guide that can help you fulfill your needs.

How about to start with Proper Budgeting and Planning?
Bathroom Renovation Planning

The very first thing we consider while renovating a bathroom is the budget. When determining the budget, it’s important to be realistic. Prepare a plan of things you want in your bathroom. Taking from the bathroom accessories like shower head, towel rod to the bathtub and vanity – make sure you don’t forget anything in the list.

In fact, the biggest mistake which people end up doing is by not calculating the extra costs that can come into the picture. How do you know that the entire bathroom renovation process will be as you thought? Hence, it’s always advisable to keep a 10 to 15% of cushion to your budget. If you come across any uncertain cost, the cushion can be your helping hand.

And when it comes to planning a bathroom renovation, make a list of your likes and dislikes. Only you exactly know what you’re looking for. As a bathroom renovation involves a bit of money, make sure to go for things that are useful to you. Think and invest your time to make your dream bathroom.

Check Out the Current Bathroom Design

Current Bathroom Design

Before you step ahead, why don’t you look at the current design of your bathroom for the last time? You may be thinking of why to do so, right? But any small or a big renovation means to simply hamper with the existing one. Yes, you can change the entire look of your bathroom but what about the electrical and plumbing system? A bathroom renovation task includes both the plumbing as well as the electrical fittings, so make sure to understand the current structure of your bathroom before you’re on with your renovating process.

It’s Time to get your Hands Dirty

Bathroom renovation

Not actually, but just meant as it’s the time to take your measuring tape and pencil to mark up the things you want in your bathroom renovation. Decide which type of lightings you want, what should be the size of the vanity, do you need a new showerhead, do you want to re-do the paint or change the flooring, what about the toilet drains and the electrical wirings in the bathroom, and many other things. This will not only help you to have a budget-friendly bathroom renovation but also helps you select the bathroom design you wished the most!

If you’re confused to perform the task further, hire a bathroom contractor who has the skills and knowledge of it. They can guide the best way that is suitable to your budget as well as your bathroom demands.

Decide the Time-Period of Renovation

decide the time period

Once when you start with the process of a bathroom renovation, make sure to complete the rest. In short, start with keeping the end in mind. Think of the future first. Assume how your bathroom will look after completing the entire renovation process. This will help you finish the bathroom renovation on the date you’ve decided.

In fact, selecting the blinds, curtains, light fixtures, taps, showerheads, tiles, vanity, and bathtub of your choice will help you determine how your bathroom will look after the completion of the renovation.

The Final Touch

Well, you would be thinking of what to do at the end of the renovation process? Go for an overall inspection. Once the bathroom renovation is completed, it’s important to inspect the final result. The final inspection is necessary to identify any damage or to ensure that everything is working in a perfect condition.

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