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TheraTub – A Truly Walk-in Bathtub for Ultimate Safety and Joy of Bathing

TheraTub – A Truly Walk-in Bathtub for Ultimate Safety and Joy of Bathing

TheraTub Walk-In TubWhile you consider shower and bathing as a sheer pleasure because it gives you a feeling of freshness, fragrance and cleanliness, you may be shocked to hear some facts based on actual statistics. Well, this is not for scaring you but just making you more cautious about potential dangers and helping you to make better choices when you buy your toilet accessories. As per the observation of the National Council on Aging, a major cause of fatal injury among older adults is falls. And the greatest danger of falls, slips and tripping is posed by bathtubs and showers and the highest risk is posed to the elderly.

Bathrooms contain many falling hazards including surfaces that become slippery due to steam and undrained water. But one of the greatest among these is the edges of bathtubs. Climbing over a high edge of the tub to step into the water requires a sense of balance and grip strength which can be weakened with age.

And it’s here that the walk-in bathtubs come into play. These are specialty bathtubs that have a hinged, watertight door on one side of the tub that offers a much lower threshold (typically 4 to 9 inches) to step over as compared to the usual tub that has a wall around 15 inches high. Along with the low threshold, these tubs have a built-in seat, anti-slip floors, grab bars and handheld showerhead.

TheraTub Walk-In Tub

But still, can these walk-in tubs be called safe for an elderly user to cross the threshold without undergoing a trouble? To lift the leg and crossing the threshold without any trouble, the threshold should be really, really low.

Such a lowest threshold is offered by TheraTub Walk-In Tubs!

TheraTub Walk-In Tub

What are TheraTub Walk-In Tubs?

TheraTub Walk-In Tubs come with the lowest threshold in the industry i.e. only 2 inches. Such a lowest and safest step-in height is offered courtesy to the frameless design of these tubs. The design of the TheraTub has been made after studying the designs of older bathtubs and removing their faults and adding some of the best features and capabilities.

In addition to the lowest threshold, TheraTub features the following qualities:

  • Unusually high-quality and energy efficient motors, pumps, lines, heaters and ozonation systems
  • Built with Owens Corning upper marine grade fiberglass which is 3 times thicker than other materials
  • Fully made in the USA at their state of the art plant in Georgia
  • Despite being built with highest quality materials, TheraTub is cheaper than many other bathtubs by many thousands of dollars, thanks to their low advertising costs and small profit margins
  • TheraTub proves to be further cost-effective due to low repair costs because of its highest durability
  • Customizable design
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts

So, what do you think? Have you started planning to get a TheraTub?

TheraTub Walk-In Tub

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