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Top 3 Tips to Make Your Shower Curtain Look Great

Top 3 Tips to Make Your Shower Curtain Look Great

shower curtain weightsIt’s an important detail, often overlooked due to taking care of other, bigger things; but if you choose to take some time and find just the right shower curtain you had in mind, you’ll see how big of a difference it makes. Avoid another humdrum, simple solution and see what we have in mind by considering some of these tips:

1. Fabric Shower Curtains

If you opt to buy fabric curtains, brace yourself as it can turn out to be quite pricey. You can choose from myriads of designs, for any bathroom in the house, including guest and main bathroom, for any you had in mind. The price may be high for a good reason, because these curtains are made of top-notch quality materials. Unfortunately, some of these may not be waterproof, so you may need to get an additional waterproof liner. By doing this, your bathroom will stay clean, fresh and dry! In addition to all this you can help prevent your shower curtain (or liner) from drafts & body cling with these effective shower curtain weights!

2. Do It with Flying Colours

People often tend to be afraid of following their own style, but try to keep in mind that this is your house you’re trying to decorate, and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and that the curtains are to your liking. If you after all still want some help in order to keep it stylish, here’s the main trick: don’t try to match things perfectly, just stick to one colour group when choosing items. On the other hand, if you like matching design elements, try finding some sets. You can’t make a mistake with them.

3. Keep it Simple

If you’re not interested in stylish, and yet want somewhat complicated choices, try sticking with just one colour and a minimalistic look of a kind, like white, for example. Then, you could use details or patterns more often, to accentuate the things you want to, such as flowery towels or other accessories.

These tips will give you the desired result, just what you were looking for! Many people agree with these tips, and if you have anything to add, feel free to do so here!

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