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Top 4 Materials for Bathroom Countertops

Top 4 Materials for Bathroom Countertops

Dallas Granite countertopsWhile functionality may be your top concern while looking for a kitchen countertop, while choosing countertop for your bathroom, you may give a lower priority to functionality. Functionality is important here but you should remember that a bathroom countertop doesn’t undergo the same beating as a kitchen countertop does, and that allows you to consider looks above everything else. The good news is bathroom countertops are typically custom-made offering you a wide array of style and design options to suit your taste. Here are the various options.

1. Granite

Beautiful, long-lasting and stain resistant, granite is a king of countertop materials. Once affordable to owners of only high-end bathrooms, granite is becoming popular among a wider range of home styles. Among the natural stone materials, granite is the easiest to take care of and most durable. Though it’s a bit expensive, the elegant look it provides is worth the high price.

Dallas Granite countertops experts recommend to seal granite countertops every six months to a year. They should be cleaned with a liquid detergent and warm water, and avoid abrasive cleaners which can scratch the surface and dull its finish.

2. Solid-Surface Materials

Designed to resemble natural stone, solid surface is one of the most popular countertop materials. This synthetic product is easy to maintain and can be fitted in any design specifications. Being non-porous it’s easy to clean as well.

3. Tile

Tiles have always been popular for bathroom countertops, but they pose an additional duty of cleaning the grout. However, nowadays tiles are of much larger size and the need of cleaning many grout lines is eliminated. Through-body (unglazed) porcelain tiles are more robust than granite and come at one third of the price. Moreover, they offer fabulous designs. They also work well with other materials like concrete and glass. Tiles can be cleaned with any regular household detergent.

4. Manufactured Quartz

This material looks similar to granite, limestone or marble, but is more resistant to stains and scratches. It’s made of 90% of quartz particles and is available in a wide range of thicknesses and colors. Manufactured quartz is practical for bathroom given its durability, ease of cleaning and no need to seal.

All in all, you can choose your bathroom countertop from so many options. Choose the right one and have an elegant bathroom.

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