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3 Basic Points to Remember while Buying a Perfect Carpet

3 Basic Points to Remember while Buying a Perfect Carpet

Carpet Cleaning SacramentoIt’s always good to have something very soft under your feet while they carry your whole body. And what else but a soft luxurious carpet can give you that feeling? No doubt, carpets require a lot more maintenance than tile or vinyl; but it’s worth looking at the shock absorption, sound absorption, warmth and absolute comfort.

But there are so many different materials, designs and colors available in carpets making it difficult to decide which the best carpet is for you. Some materials need frequent cleanings from professionals like Carpet Cleaning Sacramento, while some may have a high price tag and some may even be risky for health. Here are a few useful tips that may simplify your decision process.

1. Consider Various Styles

There are various styles in carpets such as Saxony, textured, Berber, frieze and plush. These names are given to the pile which is the visible surface of the carpet created from yarn tufts that are either cut straight across or folded over into loops or both. Rather than considering the looks of each of these styles, think on how well your lifestyle can work with them. E.g. plush carpet is made from firmly twisted pile and is thick and soft, but also show vacuum tracks and footprints, whereas Berber carpet is created from continuous fiber loops and is dense and flat, and is durable and doesn’t show soil, stains and tracks. Textured carpets are made from fibers cut into various heights, due to which light is reflected, whereby dirt and tracks become invisible. Friezes are a cut-pile carpet crafted from fibers that are slightly twisted. Its looks are less formal than plush, but fancier than several textured or Berber carpets.

2. Don’t Skimp on Padding

Just as a building needs a strong foundation, a carpet needs a solid padding for strength, support and a little extra cushioning. As such, the padding is not seen; but the extra wear and tear will be certainly seen if your carpet has inadequate padding material.

Padding is made from foam or rubber and conceals subfloor imperfections to enhance the looks of the finished floor. It also works as insulation to control your home’s temperature. Most importantly, it protects your carpet from wear and tear through years of use.

3. Select Carpets Carefully for Stairs

Since stairs get a lot of wear, carpeting there should be chosen carefully. Also it should be bent over the edges of each step. Here a cut-pile carpet is better than a looped one.

The carpet should also be extra thick in order to avoid the unsightly backing where the carpet is curved over the steps.

Consider these points while choosing your carpet and you can enjoy the soft luxury for years.

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