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4 Practical Tips to Get a Perfect Sofa

4 Practical Tips to Get a Perfect Sofa

top quality leather sofasAs such you can have many types of seating arrangements in your living room. However, unless you have a good sofa, it doesn’t look like a complete home. Having only chairs in the living room makes it look like a classroom or workplace, but not a home. In short, you should have a cozy, comfortable sofa that can make you and your family and guests feel relaxed. But before buying one, you should think upon certain factors that will help you choose just the right sofa. Here are a few.

1. Consider Your Purpose

Consider your purpose behind buying a sofa and what shape you wish to have. Your purpose can be just a seating add-on (to add to chairs, poofs, recliners, smaller stools etc.) or to get a single seating solution. You may even want it to double up as a bed. Will you need a rectangular shape or the trendier L-shaped? Once you finalize your purpose, other factors such as spacing etc. will iron out by themselves.

2. Take Measurements

The next important point to consider is how much space you can allot to your sofa. Depending on this, you can decide whether to buy a bulky sofa or a rather lean one, whether to buy a long and narrow or wide and short one, whether to buy a high-seating one or a low-seating one, and so on. Also factor in other accessories such as side tables, lamps, bookshelves etc. and aim at avoiding making your space look congested or chaotic. It doesn’t make sense to buy a sofa first and then make a space for it by removing objects you’ve already placed in your living room.

3. Upholstery Material

Now, it’s time to move on to aesthetics. Choose your sofa’s upholstery material based on the style and décor of your home. Typically top quality leather sofas are the best for classic-styled homes, whereas in case of a casual and boho home, a bold-colored, patterned fabric such as cotton, synthetic microfiber or linen can be chosen for your sofa. You can even choose to have polar opposite styles such as a traditional Indian batik sofa in an avant-garde setting or a Victorian sofa in a minimalistic background. Just make sure they complement each other.

top quality leather sofas

4. Choose Orientation

Once you determine a space for your sofa, decide which way it should face, whether against a wall or next to the windows, next to the open bar or facing the fireplace. You may have a focal point in the room where all your furniture is directed. In any case, make sure it falls in perfect harmony with the current layout and to get enough natural light.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the perfect sofa for relaxation and beauty. Happy shopping!

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