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4 Useful Tips for Storing Candles

4 Useful Tips for Storing Candles

custom candle boxesAlthough we live in an era of electric lights, the charm of candles will never end. The soft golden light emitted by candles is unmatched when it comes to creating a romantic ambiance. Homes with candles feel cozier and more peaceful than when lit with electric lamps. However, it’s a fact that barring some special occasions, we don’t use candles often. In that case, how to store candles so as to keep them safe and with their beautiful shapes and colors intact? Here are a few tips.

1. Find a Cool Place

Storing candles in custom candle boxes is the best way to store candles. However, you should also make sure to find a cool place to place these boxes. This is because candles are made of wax which is inflammable and can easily melt if the temperature rises even slightly and their shape can become distorted. For example, taper candles are much more likely to bend and lose their shape than jar candles because they don’t have anything to keep their shape intact. Of course, you should avoid corners receiving a lot of direct sunlight. Sunlight will not only melt the candles fast, but also fade their colors and scents faster. Therefore, the corner in which you’ll place the candle boxes should be cool and should not have its temperature easily increased.

2. Should I Store Candles in a Refrigerator?

Although keeping candles inside a fridge is becoming popular, it’s not very effective for storing candles because extreme temperatures, hot or cold, will damage them. Especially their wicks are prone to damage from the extreme cold temperature in the fridge because of the amount of moisture they absorb in the freezing process.

3. Storing Jar Candles

Jar and tumbler candles are easy to store. They don’t lose their shape even if they melt and so, they last very long. You can also stack boxes of jar candles above each other (which is not the case with more delicate candles). These candles can also be stored and stacked vertically, which cannot be done with other types of candles. This is in fact a good idea because the wax inside remains even if it melts.

custom candle boxes

4. Storing Taper and Pillar Candles

Taper candles are a little trickier to store than jar candles. But a few tips can make the task easy. The most important thing to remember is to keep them always flat to prevent warping. It’s a good idea to wrap them individually in tissue papers or bubble wraps and then lay them flat.

Pillar candles too should be wrapped individually and laid flat in rows. But they are sturdier; thus, you can lay other candles over them.

Follow these tips so that your home can always glow with the soft golden light of beautiful candles.

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