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Bring the Outdoors Indoor with Tropical Wallpaper

Bring the Outdoors Indoor with Tropical Wallpaper

temp wallpaper for wallsThere’s no place like home! But you love roaming outdoors too! You love breathing in the fresh air, walking or riding a bike on a picture-perfect road that seems to be disappearing somewhere in the horizon, and watching rolling hills, lovely orchards and lakes filled with lotuses! What can be more desirable than the outdoor atmosphere during this pandemic when you’re confined into your home? But no worries! You can bring this atmosphere inside your very home – thanks to tropical wallpapers!

Tropical temp wallpaper for walls can instantly take you outdoors while you’re indoors. These wallpapers can evoke your memories of tropical holidays and freshen up your mood. Why tropical wallpapers? Tropical indicates bright sunlight, extensive beaches with blue oceans and rippling foamy waves, cool breezes, swaying palms, deep, dark jungles, exotic flowers and fruits, and overall life! Tropical wallpapers can make you energetic, shoo away your boredom and negativity that the pandemic has brought, & you can just feel as if you’re enjoying an outdoor picnic in your home! Let’s look at some tropical design ideas that can conjure up things!

Banana Leaves

You saw a lot of banana trees and ate a lot of bananas during your tropical holidays, so much so that banana leaves can give you the feeling of being in Africa, India or Sri Lanka! At Love Vs Design, you can test this banana leaves wallpaper or whichever wallpaper you like for your rooms, to see whether it can brighten up your mood. So, try it!

tropical wallpapers

Flowery Field

Are you longing to see a meadow full of colorful flowers? Then a wallpaper featuring a flowery field is what you should have. One of the most beautiful sights you might have seen is of tiny wildflowers bloomed on a lush green backdrop of grass, small plants and leaves. Thus, this flowery field wallpaper is surely going to take you outdoors!

wallpaper featuring a flowery field

Swan Wallpaper

Or you may be longing to visit a serene lake where there were water lilies, swans and many other waterfowls! Having this swan wallpaper on your wall, you can enjoy the feeling of sitting on the shore of such a lake and watching those graceful, white birds moving peacefully over the water.

Swan Wallpaper

Puppy Dogs

Are you a dog-lover? Do you enjoy walking your beloved doggo? Dogs have certain characteristics of their own which make them adorable. They are innocent, loving and loyal, and always love to be with you. You might have made so many outdoor trips with your pooch and even have taken them on a holiday. This puppy dog wallpaper will remind you of the outdoor trips you enjoyed with your pup!

puppy dog wallpaper

Oak Tree

Sitting in the shade of a big tree is heavenly, especially on a hot summer day. The picture of an open ground dotted with big oak trees, shrubs, and a few grasses and rocks will remind you of the cool shade on sunny days. Therefore, one of the tropical wallpapers should feature this nice picture !

Oak Tree wallpaper

Lightning Bolts

If you’re fond of rains, you certainly remember the monsoon of the tropics. It starts with cold breezes and sounds of thundering followed by lightning! The whole atmosphere is filled with excitement and coolness, after the scorching summer season! The lightning bolts wallpaper will make you envision the full episode of the start of monsoon in the tropical countries and will make you feel excited.

lightning bolts wallpaper

Forest Friends

The part of the community that suffered the home confinement the most is children. More than anyone else, they need outdoor environment, and so, you should decorate their room with something that would make them happy at once – it’s a wallpaper featuring animals! This forest friends wallpaper contains all cute animals that children love. Of course, you can feature it in any room, as such.

forest friends wallpaper

Bring the outdoors indoor with these amazing wallpaper designs and paint your life with delightful colors.

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