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Double Glazing – Something You Should Include in Your Home Renovation

Double Glazing – Something You Should Include in Your Home Renovation

double glazing BirminghamIf you’re planning to get your home renovated and have started researching about what changes you can make to your current home, you might hear a term ‘double glazing’. If you’re wondering what it is, it refers to a window that has two layers of glass with a space between them. The main part of the window is the double glazed sealed unit, also called an insulated glass unit (IGU) which is fixed in a frame of timber, aluminum or uPVC. Double glazing has many benefits. Here are a few of them so you can consider having double glazing for your windows during your renovation.

How does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing works by forming a space filled with argon gas that insulates against heat transfer between the inside and outside temperature zones. The space between the layers (panes) of window which is typically 6-12mm slows down heat transfer by conduction because argon gas has a 34% reduced rate of thermal transfer to air. It slows down movement of heat and thus reduces heat loss. Since air cannot circulate in the gap between the window panes, air convection is slowed down and this too minimizes heat transfer.

Thermal Insulation

The most important reason why you should get double glazing from a reputable provider like Finesse Windows, a leading brand of double glazing Birmingham, is the thermal insulation it provides. It retains heat in a room and at the same time prevents cold air from entering the room. Thus double glazing makes the room more energy efficient.

double glazing

Reduces Noise

Sound is a type of energy that moves in the form of waves, by vibrating the air molecules and objects that it touches. When it hits glass, for example, the glass vibrates at the frequency of sound wave and this vibration is transmitted to the air molecules on the other side of the glass.

When a sound wave hits a dense object, that object absorbs its energy reducing its frequency as it passes through. Therefore, when you put your ear against a wall, you can hear people’s sound on the other side, but if you take your ear away from the wall, you can’t hear it.

Double glazing diminishes noise by slowing down the frequency of the vibration and by absorbing some of the energy while it passes through the glass and the layer of air. When the sound wave passes to the other layer of the window, it is slightly reduced and thus the noise becomes slightly quieter.

What’s more, double glazing also reduces condensation and although it reduces heat loss and stops cold air, it doesn’t prevent solar gain i.e. sun’s warmth.

Considering so many benefits of double glazing, have you started planning to include it in your home renovation project?

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