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3 Fence Maintenance Tips for Cleveland, Ohio

3 Fence Maintenance Tips for Cleveland, Ohio

Fence Maintenance Tips for Cleveland, OhioYou are living in Cleveland, Ohio, in a beautiful house, and you have installed a beautiful fence around your house to enhance its beauty and to protect it from intruders. Fences come in various colors and designs, and will keep your property, children and pets safe inside your premise, while giving an aesthetic appeal to your home. However, to maintain this beauty and security, regular maintenance of the fence is necessary. Here are a few tips.

Questions like “When should l get a new fence and which are the fence companies near me” may come to your mind. Although there are several signs to look for, you should mainly consider the type of material your fence is made of. Usually, wood fences built around the Cleveland properties are made from redwood or cedar. These materials are more resistant to decay and rot than other types of wood.

If you don’t wish to be bothered by regular maintenance, you can choose to get aluminum or vinyl fences. These are more expensive options than wood, but are maintenance-free.

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1. Structural Breakage

Cleveland wood fences have to face a lot of bad weather throughout the year. The fence undergoes soaking, freezing and also drying during the summer. Moreover, vegetation and sprinklers worsen the condition further, speeding the rotting process. Once such damage takes place, it’s just a matter of time before you’ll have to replace your fence.

Call in a professional Cleveland-based fence installer and get it replaced. Look for a company which provides aftercare maintenance service. This will make your fence look like new for a longer time and save you from early replacement.

2. Aesthetic Damage

Wood fences lose their good looks over time due to insects like termites that form holes and cracks, and destroy the wood. Treating the damaged wood and replacing the boards may be the only method to make sure your fence is strong and won’t attract these nasty creatures.

Your wood fence can also fade and look old due to mold, grime and dirt. In Ohio, summer sun can be scorching hot and can damage your fence with its UV rays that change its color. In that case, restaining and repainting can bring your fence back to life.

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3. Other Types of Damage

In Cleveland, humidity and summer heat are great enemies of wood fences. Due to harsh sun, wood’s protective oils can be lost causing the wood to shrink, splinter and split, which lead to unsightly cracks and big gaps between fence boards. At such times, you should call in professionals for repair work.

You should also look for nails and other metal components that may become rusted which can quickly corrode and leads to unpleasant streaks down the wood.

Professional repair services paint and stain the fence due to which it’s protected from the elements.

In case of replacement of fence, sometimes it’s necessary to replace only a board or two, whereas other times you may need a full replacement. If you find a problem early on, you may be better off replacing only a section which may save your money.

Keep inspecting your fence regularly and your fence will protect you and your dear ones for years to come.

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