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3 Tips to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture

3 Tips to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor FurnitureIf you’re fortunate enough to have a garden around your home, you can enjoy it even more if you make seating arrangements there. Outdoor furniture should be comfortable and durable, as it’s mostly going to remain outside. So, you have to choose it carefully. Here are tips on how to choose beautiful, comfy and durable outdoor furniture.

1. Durable Materials

As said earlier, as the outdoor furniture is going to remain in your outdoor setting for most of the time, it should be durable. The durability depends largely on the materials used to make the furniture. Materials like polyurethane rubber, stainless steel and water-resistant fabrics are good for outdoor furniture.

Paula Simpson, a Melbourne-based home decorator, suggests looking for structures of sofas and other seats made of mixed materials like marine plywood and excellently durable aluminium or stainless steel alloys. The upholstery should be made of polyurethane rubber or polypropylene fiber, Paula says. Paula further suggests that homeowners should choose a breathable water-resistant fabric as a lining material for all padded cushions for optimum outdoor performance. All these materials not only give a tough fight to weather elements, but also to salt water and chlorine, so, can be used as poolside furniture.

poolside furniture

2. Extreme Comfort

Whether it’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita or any average Joe, comfort is everyone’s prime concern, Paula says smiling. You may prefer chairs with straight backrests for the outdoor setting; but your other family members or guests may want semi-circular backrests. Look for extremely soft seat cushions padded in a material like polyurethane foam which should be covered with a breathable, water-repellent, protective fabric. Same is true for sofas and other settees, Paula adds.

3. Design Style Reflecting Your Personality

No matter, how important are the comfort and durability, you cannot underestimate beauty and aesthetics. Plus, you may also want your personal style reflected in the design of your outdoor furniture. Therefore, you should carefully check the design style, says Graham Richards, an architect and interior designer from Victoria.

You’ll find some pieces suitable to several different design styles and some others that make a more unique statement. Once you determine the style route you want to choose, you can narrow down the possibilities and making decisions can become easy, says Graham.

Thus you can choose to have a mix of the traditional charm and modern vibe. Or you can choose a design style with clear, uncluttered lines, or a slender, sophisticated structure.

While keeping your focus on beauty, comfort and endurance, you should also remember to choose something unique to your style. That will help you decide what exactly you want and how you want your outdoor setting to look.

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