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4 Repair and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Solar Panel System in Good Shape

4 Repair and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Solar Panel System in Good Shape

solar repair companyThere is no wonder that solar panels for energy production are getting increasingly popular. Since they create energy from a source, the sun, which is available for free for most of the time of the day, and don’t create any environmentally harmful substance in the process, it’s a much better alternative to traditional energy-producing sources. But, the matter doesn’t end once you install the solar panel system, because like every other apparatus, solar panel system too needs maintenance. Here are a few tips that will help you maintain your solar panel system.

1. Damaged Inner Module

Internal damage to the solar panel system may result from faulty production or low-quality components. They cause delamination, yellowing of the sheets at the back, snail trails, and many such issues. The type and level of damage can be best estimated by a solar repair company to determine the further course of action.

2. Loose Wiring

If the wires of your system are loose, they can cause unexpected power generation problems. These wires join individual PV cells to the home solar batteries and inverters; so, even the smallest wiring fault may lead to failed connections. Installers experienced in solar panel repairs and maintenance like Service Tech use meters and other tools to check such issues and offer helpful solutions.

3. PID Effect

Potential induced degradation or PID is caused by voltage fluctuations occurring between the voltage created by the panel and earthing of the solar panel. This causes a varying proportion of discharged voltage in the main power circuit. Experts at a solar repair company can correct this problem at hand to stop faster aging of solar panels and regularize their performance.

Service Tech

4. Watch for Cracks

The glass cells on the surface of your solar panels can get microscopic cracks, fractures and hot spots. These may grow over time and reduce the effectiveness of the solar cells. But despite the cracks, the panel frame, waterproofing and lamination of the system may remain in good shape.

Some causes of the cracks are:

  • Wrong handling during shipping
  • Production of PV modules
  • Changes in the ambient weather conditions

The manner of repairing these micro-cracks and hot spots would depend on the way the panels have been installed. For example, if you have a roof-integrated system, the system might have to be dismounted entirely even if only one or two panels are under-performing. Your solar repair company may first clean and check the extent of damage in all panels before starting to repair the broken panels. Even dirt accumulation can cause lower performance by solar panels and should not be neglected.

Maintain your solar panel system and repair any faults on time with these tips to enjoy energy production without a hitch.

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