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5 Essential Things You Should Know While Building an Accessory Structure

5 Essential Things You Should Know While Building an Accessory Structure

London BuildersIf you are fortunate enough to have ample land surrounding your house, you can consider building an accessory structure in your yard. If you were not still aware of what it is, here are a few bits of information.

1. What is an Accessory Building?

An accessory building is an outdoor structure like a playhouse, shed, attached or detached garage, pool house, cabanas, private studios and other similar residential structures.

2. Why Do You Need an Accessory Building?

Once you know and start considering to have an accessory building with the help of one of the top London builders, think on why you want it. Here are some inspirations:

  • Creating a sunroom
  • A place for your parents so that they can live near their grandkids
  • A home base for your parents when they are not traveling
  • Investment in a unit to do the business of airbnb
  • Creating a backyard apartment

Once you decide why you are building the accessory building, it’ll be easy for you to make decisions about design and budget.

3. Know How Much Area You can Have

In London, the total coverage of all accessory buildings on a lot should not go beyond 10% of the lot’s area in any residential zone. Moreover, since the accessory building coverage is involved in the percentage of total coverage allowed on a lot, you should be aware of the dimensions of your lot, the dimensions of all existing and future accessory structures, the “footprint” of your house, and the coverage permitted by your zone while making the decision about how big your new accessory building will be.

London Builders

4. Know the Height

The height of an accessory building is measured from the average ground to the highest point of the structure and it should not be more than 4.0m (13.1 feet). This is a good thing to remember while planning the new building; however, the height can be increased up to 6.0m (19.7 feet) as long as you add to the distance from the property line by the same distance that you increase the height. Thus, if you wish to build 1.0m taller (than the permitted 4m), you should move the building 1.0m father from the property line than the minimum.

5. Location

Accessory structures are permitted only in the “rear yard” or “interior side yard” and not in the “front” or “exterior side yards”. They cannot be closer than 0.6m (2.0 feet) to the rear or side lot lines.

So, have you started planning to build an accessory building?

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