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5 Important Tips to Make the Tree Removal Process Easy and Smooth

5 Important Tips to Make the Tree Removal Process Easy and Smooth

best tree removal companyA home with a beautiful garden full of trees is a real pride for the homeowner. But there are some unfortunate times when a homeowner has to consider removing some of their best trees. Tree removal can be a risky undertaking and needs highly trained individuals and specialized equipment.

The job of tree removal should ideally be handed over to a professional arborist who can perform a detailed examination of the problematic/damaged tree to determine if it’s essential to remove the tree. Before you hire the best tree removal company, go through the following tips so that you can make the best decision about your tree.

1. Removal Must be a Last Option

There may be several scenarios when removal must be a last option. Well-maintained trees not only adorn and add value to your property, but also are they helpful for the local ecology.

Not every person working on trees is a certified arborist. Therefore a contractor having a truck and chainsaw may suggest you to remove a tree for any problem when other solutions that can save the tree are available.

Specialist arborists can typically diagnose and treat several problems that would otherwise need cutting down a tree.

Removal Must be a Last Option

2. Professional Tree Removal Contractors

When you plan to hire a professional tree removal company, remember to compare apples to apples. Methods of taking down a tree differ a lot and costs depend on these methods. Professional arborists are expert and especially trained to remove trees perfectly in such a way that your landscaping, neighbouring trees and home won’t be damaged.

Two other factors that can make tree removal costly are the location and type of tree as these factors can make the process complicated. If a contractor just cuts the tree at its base and let it fall randomly anywhere, you’ll have to pay less, but the potential damage to your property can be higher.

Following severe storms, the demand for qualified tree professionals can increase to undertake tree removal or cut down damaged limbs. Be cautious of people who go door to door offering tree work, because qualified arborists and other certified foresters don’t offer their services in this way.

In order to protect you and your assets, it’s advisable to hire the best tree removal company that follows industry safety standards.

Professional Tree Removal Contractors

3. Rules and Regulations

You should always be very careful while cutting down green trees. Though they are a part of your property, the decision to cut them down doesn’t always be fully yours. Tree removal can be regulated by cities and counties, typically needing checkup and permits before you can remove the tree.

Even homeowners’ associations may suggest approving all removals. Professional tree service companies even help homeowners in acquiring the required permits and setting a schedule for the removal.

4. Removal of Stump and Lumber

Professional tree removal companies should remove the stump, keeping your yard mess-free. While receiving estimates, carefully check whether stump removal is included in the cost.

Regarding the lumber, most companies will give you many options. You can get the tree cut down to a size right for firewood that is left for you or the wood can be fed through a chipper on-site.

Make sure you ask your professional about the various options and corresponding prices.

Removal of Stump and Lumber

5. Trees of Neighbouring Property

If you’re worried about a hazard posed to your property by your neighbour’s tree, it’s recommended sending a certified letter to request that the tree should be removed.

Should the tree eventually cause damage to your property, the letter may be helpful during the insurance claim process.

Use these tips and make the tree removal process easy and smooth.

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