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Gas Pool Heating – Things You Should Know

Gas Pool Heating – Things You Should Know

gas pool heatingSwimming in a heated pool is sheer joy. Pool heating allows everyone in the family and guests enjoy swimming in any season. There are many pool heating systems, but gas pool heating is believed to be perhaps the best one. Let’s see what gas pool heating is.

How does Gas Pool Heating Work?

Gas used in gas pool heating is either natural gas or propane. The pump of the heater circulates the pool’s water and then the water drawn from the pool flows through a filter towards the heater. Heat is generated when the gas burns in the combustion chamber of the heater, and the water is heated and then is returned to the pool.

This system is the most efficient when the pool is to be heated for short periods of time. They are also perfect for heating pools quickly. Hence, it is the best choice for pools that aren’t used regularly. Unlike solar pool heaters or heat pumps, gas pool heaters are able to maintain any desired temperature of the pool water irrespective of the climate or weather.

How to Select a Gas Pool Heater?

Following things should be considered while selecting a gas pool heater.


A trained pool professional can perform sizing analysis of your pool to determine the pool heater size. Sizing involves many factors such as surface area of the pool, difference between the temperatures of pool and air, wind exposure, cool night temperatures and humidity levels. Thus, pools in areas where there are higher average wind speeds on the pool surface, cool nights and lower humidity will need a larger pool heater.

Energy Efficiency

Pool heater efficiency is the ratio of usable output to energy input. E.g. a 70%-efficient heater uses useful heat worth $70 for every 100$ worth of fuel. Thus 30% of fuel is wasted.

The efficiency percentage of most gas pool heaters are displayed on their nameplates. You can find pool heaters today with even 89%-95% efficiency.

Installation and Maintenance

You can optimize your pool heater’s efficiency with proper installation and maintenance. It’s advisable to have a qualified pool professional company like Service One Plumbing install the heater and also perform the repair and maintenance tasks.

Your owner’s manual will help you with a maintenance schedule and/or recommendations. You may probably have to tune up your pool heater once a year.

With proper installation, repair and maintenance, a gas pool heater can typically last five or more years.

Get pool heating of your choice and with its proper maintenance, enjoy swimming whenever you wish to.

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