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4 Simple Garage Door Repair Tips You can Learn

4 Simple Garage Door Repair Tips You can Learn

garage door repair Virginia BeachBefore calling in professionals, you can do a little troubleshooting of your garage door and that can maintain your garage door’s functionality. The quantity of usage of your garage door decides its wear and tear, and makes it necessary for you to learn repair and maintenance.

While there are several repairs and maintenance tasks that you can’t deal with on your own and have to take help of someone like garage door repair Virginia Beach, some common issues can be fixed by you. The earlier you recognize the problem and fix it, the less harm and costs will it incur. Here are a few.

1. Grinding Noise

Shabby hardware and loose parts that give out the annoying grinding noise in your garage door are common problems having easy solutions. Typically, a part which is making the noise needs lubrication. Try applying the lubricant on the squeaky part directly.

2. Garage Door Opener Not Working

This is a very common issue, but it can be easily fixed. Screw- or chain-drive-operated garage door openers that don’t work mostly need some lubrication to lessen friction. A garage door spray or silicone-based lubricant used in a generous amount for the opener’s full length will do the trick.

3. Garage Door Closes and Opens Immediately

In this case, the alignment of your garage door’s photo-eye has a problem. Photo-eyes are a safety feature. These are small plastic devices located on both sides of the door.

You can check if the device is working properly by looking for a flashing green light on it. Or else, you can check to see if there is any obstruction like debris in front of it.

Once you confirm that the photo-eyes are working properly, you then have to measure the length from the ground up to the center of one photo-eye. Another measurement has to be taken from the wall up to the center of photo-eye. Take these measurements for the other photo-eye too. Now adjust both of them, making sure they are aligned.

4. Garage Door Opens a Little and Closes Immediately

In this case, the springs located at the top of the door need replacement. If they are replaced within last three years, you just have to replace the broken ones.

However, replacing all the springs at the same time reduces the cost, while replacing only the broken ones doubles the cost.

Learn to deal with these common problems and you can have your garage door working smoothly for years.

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