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Garage Doors – Things You Should Know

Garage Doors – Things You Should Know

Garage-Door-tipsA garage door is the most discernible part of a house and also the most working one too. Therefore when you head to purchase it, you should think upon several factors carefully in order to get your hands on the most dependable garage door that must look great too. A garage door repair or replacement returns over 88% of your investment, thus it is one of the best home renovation jobs in terms of recovery of value when you put your home on sale. Of course, you should choose an excellent service provider like GarageDoor-Guys, a garage door repair Jacksonville company, for getting the best work done.

According to real estate professionals, houses which have their garages in the center and front, garage doors should absolutely be good-looking. Also they have to open and shut smoothly. In the US, garage doors are used more than any other entries to the house (other than the main door).

Costs of Garage Doors

If you plan to install a new garage door, you should understand that its cost is much less than the increased value of your home. A regular steel or wooden single garage door costs from $550 to $1,650, while a double door of the same materials costs around $800 to $2,500. But if you plan to invest in a hardwearing aluminum or a tailored design in exotic wood, it may cost you around $10,000.


There are four basic types of garage doors: swing up, swing out, sliding to sides and roll up.

If you want to keep the ceiling clear, sliding or swing-out doors are good options for you. They look unique too. Another most popular choice is sectional roll-up garage door.

Before buying a roll-up door, you need to measure the space between the overheard framing or ceiling and the top of the opening of the garage door. Regular tracks need headroom of around 14 inches. If there is no headroom that large, you have the option of low-headroom track, costing around an extra $100. Tracks specially designed for cathedral ceilings or unusually high walls are also available.

Choosing the Appropriate Style

While choosing the style of the garage door, you should choose one that will suit that of your house. E.g. if yours is a Craftsman bungalow, the swing-out doors occurring in the garages of old Craftsman houses are the right choice for you. Today’s roll-up doors are made in styles that imitate the old swing doors, with faux strap hinges and a pair of handles on either side of a deep groove in the middle.

Most of the styles, whether they are contemporary or traditional, sport trim, panels and other details. Doors having true frame-and-panel structure tend to be stronger than the ones having decorative details that are only nailed on or glued.

Several styles have glass panels which bring in light. Roll-up doors are also available with frosted plastic or shatterproof glass in all the panels, which offers a more stylish look. is a garage door repair Jacksonville company where you can get the most stylish garage doors and they also repair any type of garage doors.


Wood: Wood is a material that offers a sort of authenticity and charm to a garage door, that hardly any other material can offer. Wooden garage doors can be manufactured locally in a size you require and they also can handle basketball bumps well. However, they need frequent refinishing or repainting, particularly if the climate is damp.

Price of wooden garage doors vary from medium to high, according to whether they contain a light wooden frame stuffed with foam insulation and covered in hardboard or plywood or are genuine frame-and-panel doors made from durable redwood, mahogany or cedar. Wooden garage doors generally offer a short warranty mostly of just one year.

Steel: Metal garage door is always a good choice if you don’t want much of maintenance. Steel is a leading material in garage doors because it is quite cheap yet sturdy. However, it gets rusted, so you should touch up scratches immediately. It also dents.

24- to 25-gauge panels are sturdier than 27- or 28-guage panels. The more the gauge, the thinner is the metal. You can also consider fiberglass overlay to fight rust and dents. However, understand that fiberglass will require frequent restaining or repainting, because the color fades with time.

Steel doors of high quality generally come with lifetime warranty on the laminations between any insulation and the steel, hardware and the factory-applied paint. If you choose doors with a low quality, you will get a shorter warranty on some parts like springs and paint.

Aluminum: Aluminum garage doors are inexpensive. They were once very common; but now have been mostly replaced by stronger versions with dent-proof laminated panels and robust extruded frames. Rust-proof and rugged, these doors are a fantastic choice, if you have no problem in spending $10,000 or more on garage doors.

If you want to go for a less expensive version, you will get frames made of aluminum and panels of some other materials, like high-density polyethylene. Due to its lightness, aluminum is a nice choice if you have an ultra-wide double door; it won’t pose excessive strain on the operating device.

Energy Saving and Insulation

Looking at the size of a garage door, it’s better to invest in an insulated one. Due to its sandwich structure, an insulated door is sturdier and more durable, and the enclosed rear panel offers a more complete look to the garage interior.

However, the insulation will only save energy if you heat the garage as a “conditioning” job of your house. It is recommended not to do this if you store lawn chemicals, park cars or use solvents there, since it could let hazardous fumes in; so, it’s advisable to insulate the shared wall only and use it as an indoor-outdoor boundary. is a garage door repair Jacksonville company providing highest quality of garage door repair since 1992. Their experienced professionals use only the finest tools and materials for the job. They also take pride in providing you any type of garage doors that will match your home.

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