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Top 7 Tips for Carport Designs

Top 7 Tips for Carport Designs

carport-matching-the-houseNot only you and your family, but also your vehicle needs shelter and a carport is a perfect shelter for your car. A carport can be built from metals, wood or other such materials and tends to replace a garage. Usually it has only a roof and sometimes walls. However, it isn’t generally fully enclosed. Here are some tips to design a carport.

1. Avoid Making the Carport Look Like an Afterthought

A mistake about carport homeowners usually make is they build it like an afterthought or an addition. Build the carport as if it is a part of the house and not an addition.

2. Match with the Home’s Style

Let the carport’s style match with that of your home. If you have a modern home, the carport too should be modern, while if your house is old, let the carport be of older style too.


3. Use Similar Materials as that of Home

Use same materials for your carport as that you have used in your home. For example, if your home’s roofing is Colorbond, let that of your carport be Colorbond too. Carports can be built of wood or metal. However, choosing materials like aluminum or stainless steel is preferable because they are stronger and don’t corrode or rot.

4. Size

Depending upon the number of cars you have, you can choose single, double or triple size for your carport. It also depends on the size of your driveway.


5. Check Local and State Regulations

You may need building permits to set up carports and their location; so check out the local and state regulations.

6. Use Colors that Complement that of Your House

You can use same colors as that of your house. If you don’t want to use same colors, use at least colors that will complement that of your home, so that your carport and home will look balanced.

7. Let it Access the House Directly

Let your carport access your home directly. This will ultimately benefit you while you will arrive home in rains and can enter the house while being sheltered.


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