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Types of Garage Doors – Choose the Best for Your Garage and Home

Types of Garage Doors – Choose the Best for Your Garage and Home

garage doorsGarage doors can be a large part of your home’s curb appeal. Your garage door may create the first impression of your home and is a great representative of its appearance. Normally designed for direct accessibility, garage doors are in the front portion of homes and often take up almost 30% of your front façade. Therefore garage door installation is an essential part of a home remodeling project. Experts at NDC Garage Doors, Surrey, share valuable information about the options you have.

Single-Layer Garage Doors

This type of garage doors features an outer layer of fiberglass, steel or engineered wood. These are lightweight doors, so are easy on springs and are also economical. However they have a negligible insulating value.

Double-Layer Garage Doors

This has outer and inner layers sandwiching a layer of polystyrene board. It has an insulating value ranging from R-4 to R-7.

Premium Garage Doors

In this type, the outer and inner layers are high quality wood, steel or fiberglass, sandwiching a thick polyurethane or polystyrene layer for great stiffness and its insulating value exceeds R-15.


Glass and Aluminum: This is a modernist structure and is essentially tempered, acrylic or all-glass panels installed in anodized frames made of aluminum. It has negligible insulating value.

Steel: High quality steel garage doors have outer layers made of heavy-gauge steel embossed to imitate stucco or wood grain. It can also have overlays like cross-buck designs or moldings that resemble carriage doors. Its foam core makes it strong and increases insulating value.

Majority of steel doors come with a factory-applied finish. Though their color choices are slightly limited, they are almost maintenance-free. Moreover, you can paint or prime the steel to match your house colours.

All-Wood: All-wood garage doors are made from redwood, cedar and cypress and make you the owner of a best-looking garage in your area. Though all-wood doors aren’t as tough as fiberglass or steel, they provide an unmatched curb appeal. To increase insulating value, you can add polystyrene backing.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass garage doors are getting increasing popularity being resistant to warping, insects and moisture. Their structure is made of an outer skin of fiberglass and an inner layer of foam, and a steel frame, offering stability and strength. This door is also great to look at because it mimics colours and grain patterns of real wood like oak, cherry and mahogany.

NDC Garage Doors is a family run company that specialises in garage door installation and repairs. They offer a great range of products and give prime importance to their customers.

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