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4 Easy Tips to Make Your Home Shining Clean

4 Easy Tips to Make Your Home Shining Clean

home cleaningEven though it may sound tiresome at first, home cleaning is extremely important for every household. It’s possible to make your cleaning easier and perhaps, even fun! Don’t be afraid to turn the music on and use all the economical tips and tricks we have for you!

1) Spotless Windows

Although you thought that a window cleaner and a simple paper towel will make your windows spotless, the truth is quite different. Tiny bits and pieces, hairs or dust somehow always end up there and contribute to a sloppy window look. For best coverage, use newspaper to clean the glass. It will leave your windowpane spotless. If you have bigger windows, try using a squeegee for better coverage, which will save you a lot of time!

2) Create a System and Stick to it!

Create a cleaning pattern and a habit, which will save you time in the long term. Professionals recommend cleaning every room to the left of doorway, at the top and then move down and clockwise. This is a simple suggestion; you may invent a system of your own. The important thing is to make it a part of your routine and stick to it.

3) Bathroom Tricks

Use lemon oil to make the tiles of your bathroom shiny clean again. Lemon oil is perfect for preventing mold and mildew, too. One of the most persistent problems is hard water which in time builds up in the shower – but there’s an easy trick to solve this problem. Position a plastic bag filled with vinegar over shower head. When it comes to faucets, simply use alcohol to make them shiny! You can even take help of professional cleaning services who will make you bathroom, just as your whole house if you want, shiny as new!

4) Use Mineral Spirits for Renewing Wood

Over time the finish of your furniture may become tarnished and dull – it’s time to refinish it. Before you get on the task, use this tip which may solve the problem in its entirety. Paint thinners, aka mineral spirits are a gentle solvent that can dissolve grime and any polish or cleaner residue and won’t damage the wood finish. You can get it at a paint store or home center. Simply soak a soft cloth and keep rubbing the furniture with it until it picks up no grime any longer. Be cautious though, since its fumes are inflammable, so make sure to work in a ventilated area. Dry the cloth before you throw it in the trash, and that’s it!

These are some of the tips and tricks that hopefully inspired you to clean more and enjoy its simplicity. Most of these are cheap and time saving recipes and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy them. In case you had experience with any other useful hacks, share your experiences with us! Good luck with your cleaning!

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