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4 Tips to Prevent Moisture and Keep Your Home Mold-free

4 Tips to Prevent Moisture and Keep Your Home Mold-free

mold removal SingaporeAlthough some types of mold are useful for making things like brie and penicillin, and for decomposing various organic substances and keeping nature clean and functioning, many other types of mold, especially those which grow in our homes in moist places are harmful, and also unsightly.

More dangerous fact about mold is that its spores spread quickly and it’s almost impossible to eradicate it completely.

Moreover, mold can grow anywhere e.g. on walls, carpets, food, clothes, paper and even more dangerous, unseen corners of home. By producing irritants, allergens and rarely toxins, mold may impair your health.

Although you can call in professionals like a mold removal Singapore company, you can first try to control it on your own and the best way for this is to prevent moisture. Here are tips with which you can control moisture and thus mold which grows on it.

1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Even your daily activities like cooking, doing laundry or taking a shower can invite mold. You can stop it by ensuring proper ventilation in your kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and other high-moisture areas. Vent devices that generate moisture such as stoves, clothes dryers, etc. not to the attic but to the outside. Use dehumidifiers and AC units, particularly in humid climates. However, check and clean them regularly as per the manufacturer’s directions to ensure they don’t produce moisture themselves. Your energy-efficient home may hold moisture inside. Open a window or use an exhaust fan while cooking, showering or washing dishes.

2. Build Home with Mold-resistant Products

If you’re building a new home or remodeling an old one, consider using mold-resistant products like mold inhibitors for paints or mold-resistant drywall. Traditional drywall is made of piles of paper with a gypsum plaster core pressed between them. Mold-resistant drywall doesn’t have paper. Instead fiberglass is used to compress the gypsum core and so, the surface becomes highly water-resistant.

mold removal Singapore

3. Direct Water Away from Home

If the land around your home isn’t sloped away enough from the foundation, water may accumulate there and seep into your basement or crawlspace letting mold thrive.

4. Improve Home’s Air Flow

With the drop in temperature, the ability of air to hold moisture also drops. If the air flow in your home is not good, this excess moisture may show up on your floors, walls and windows. Increase circulation by opening doors between rooms, opening doors of closets that may become colder than the rooms they are placed in and moving furniture away from walls. This will let fresh air enter in and moisture will be reduced, whereby mold will be kept away.

Use these tips and other ways to keep away moisture to keep your home mold-free.

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