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6 Effective Ways to Prohibit Pest Entry in Your Home

6 Effective Ways to Prohibit Pest Entry in Your Home

cockroach killed by effective pest controlIt’s equally horrible to spot a cockroach, mouse, flea or a line of ants in your house as to experience choking up of drainage pipes. However, some best pest control practices can eliminate these possibilities. Here are a few.

1. Block All Possible Entries of Pests

The first and foremost step you can take for the pest control of your house is to make it difficult for the pests to even enter your home. Carefully check your house to find any holes, gaps, cracks and other such entryways, and repair them. Check if there are any breaks in your doors, windows and other entryways, and replace window stripping as and when required.

2. Keep Kitchen and Dining Room Clean

A pile or even tidbits of crumbs on your kitchen or dining room floor or counter or table can attract so many pests like mice, cockroaches and ants. Be keen to clean any spills and trips promptly. Let all the leftovers end up far away from the house. Sweep floors, wipe counters and tables and take out trash promptly. Also keep foods in airtight containers or bags, or refrigerator.

3. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a great invitation to these pesky pests to start a family. You can easily miss standing water sometimes. So, be keen to walk around your house to check for it. Check for any leaks around your air conditioner unit and look in rain spouts. If you have to store water, keep it covered.

4. Don’t Trash Meat Outside Too Quickly

Avoid throwing meat scarps in your outside trash can unless the trash is to be picked up within next 48 hours. The blend of rotting meat and sun’s heat could invite the nasty pests too quickly.

5. Don’t Let Your Fruits and Vegetable Overly Ripen

Fruits and vegetables left ripening for long on your counter can invite fruit flies. It’s therefore important to eat these nutritious foods on time to get the healthful nutrients from them as well as to eliminate pests.

6. Keep Your Yard Well-maintained

If you have a garden in your yard, you’re fortunate. However, a garden has some disadvantages too. If there is overgrowth, it invites pests to build their nests there. Keep your bushes and trees neatly trimmed, get rid of debris and of course, eliminate weed.

You can anytime call in professional pest control services. But before that, you can work towards eliminating the possibility of pests with the above tips. Try them and live happily in your house.

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