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School Holiday Cleaning Tricks

School Holiday Cleaning Tricks

kid cleaningSchool holidays are a special time of year. A special time of year, particularly for my ears… Let me tell you that by the time there are over I am almost a blubbering wreck on the floor. I am not one of those types of women that just has everything together. I’m not the type with always impeccably dressed kids (at least for outings). I’m not the type that whips up gourmet delights in the kitchen all the time (there’s way too much Red Rooster for dinner). And I’m certainly not the type that has everyone in order and schedules sorted all the time. And my house… well during the school holidays it looks more like a bomb has hit it than usual.

I have 3 kids. Belle, Thomas, and Grey. All under the age of 8 so you can just imagine what it’s like in my house during school holidays. Especially when the have friends over to visit! The hubby does what he can but he works pretty long hours building up his business to support us so it’s left up to me…

Keeping the house clean is a constant struggle. However, there are a few tricks, or dare I say – shortcuts – that I like to use around school holiday time just to help my sanity. So without further ado, I present to you my wisest cleaning tricks.

1. Playdates are always outside or out and about

I won’t have my house getting more messed up anymore, I have a hard enough time keeping a handle of it as it is. When the kids have friends over, they play outside – we have a great shaded area and a pool just for this purpose. Otherwise we go out to the park, to the beach, to the movies, to mini golf, etc. It’s just a pain tearing around after kids that aren’t even your own indoors.

2. The kids help to clean up after meals

This is a good habit to get into any time of year, but having the kids help by stacking the dishwasher allows me to do the bigger tasks in the kitchen. They’re at that age where they can do this without you worrying about dropped plates, etc.

3. A weekly cleaner

Oh my god, our cleaner has been a blessing from the get-go. When it’s not the school holidays I don’t feel like the house gets as grubby so she only comes around once every 2 weeks, but on the school holidays it’s definitely a once a week job, and sometimes I feel like she could come twice a week and I’d still be happy. Bless this woman a thousand times over.

4. We bought a Roomba

Somehow we wind up having all this dust and dirt and stuff tracked through the house all the time. Anyway, I was so sick of vacuuming all the time that I said, “That’s it!”, and went out and bought us a Roomba. Look, they don’t take the place of a proper vacuum, and they only work on some floors, but it has definitely reduced the amount of times that I need to vacuum the house every week. A good investment if it suits your lifestyle.

5. Buying another washing line

I for one hate doing washing every day. Some people don’t mind but that’s just not me. So I prefer to do a whole bunch of lots of washing all on one day. Get it out of the way. So, we already had a Hills Hoist, which fits a lot of things on, but it definitely wouldn’t fit all the week’s washing on at once. So I got another clothesline, an extendable one. This way, I can do all the washing just on one day and have it neatly packed away the next – no more having to do the same task every freaking day which can drive my completely up the wall.

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