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3 Excellent Tips to Improve the Security of Your Home

3 Excellent Tips to Improve the Security of Your Home

home security improvementNo matter where you go, and for how long, there’s only once place where you want to come back and it’s your home. That’s a place where you’ll feel happy and secure. That’s the biggest reason for you to keep it protected. There are some simple tips that can help you improve the security of your home and assure that you’ll repeat home sweet home every time you get back there, be it night or day. By following these tips, you’ll begin to notice the change right away.

1) Lights

Thieves and burglars are used to doing their job in the dark, so if you add a couple of bulbs and lamps around your house, you’ll significantly lower the risk of burglary. If you add some light, you’ll feel safer yourself when you return home from work or a party at night. The most popular and effective choice is movement-activated light, which you can install either at the front porch or even at the back of your house. If somebody is near, it will automatically turn on. While you’re at it, it wouldn’t be a mistake to consider installing low-level path light, which will switch on and off automatically too. Be sure to check with neighbors that they’re okay with your new lights. It’s recommended to position bulbs in some hard to reach spots.

2) Increase Gate Security

It’s for the best to have a garden gate of the same height as the nearby walls or fences. If you use metal for constructing your new gate, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted guests barging in. In case you don’t opt for metal, some solid wood alternatives are not that bad. It’s best to install at least two locks at your gate, if it is possible. Try calling an emergency locksmith service if anything goes awry, because they’ll provide you with a professional support and install any locks you decide to have.

3) Smart Key Storage

Even though many of us are used to leaving a set of spare keys under the rug or a garden pot, it’s best to avoid doing so. The best option is installing a wall key safe, especially designed to protect the keys in a discrete location. These safes can withstand hammering and sawing, and you can have an easy four digit code, so that your kids or friends looking after your cat can get to the key without any problems.

The first step you had to do is already underway, you started informing yourself on the topic of home security. There are even more dos and don’ts, but these are the most basic 3 tips to follow in order to avoid trouble. Lock your door and enjoy the warmth and safety of your home.

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