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4 Essential Things to Do to Make Your Home a Secure and Safe Place

4 Essential Things to Do to Make Your Home a Secure and Safe Place

ADT Alarm SystemYour home is not just a place for you to relax, but also your responsibility. If you want your home to be cozy and relaxing forever, it’s your responsibility to make it secure. Although, incidences of burglaries are on rise as burglars have become smart enough to invent new ways to break houses thanks to the new technology, it’s also true that many new advancements have taken and are taking place to make your home more and more secure, again thanks to the new technology. So, let’s see how you can make your home secure with it to get the desired peace of mind.

1. Secure Doors

Studies show that the most used entry point for burglars into homes is the exterior doors. Doors contain too many drawbacks such as hinges and their mounting screws, handle and lockset, door jamb or frame, and strength of the door itself. French doors and sliding patio doors contain even more shortcomings. Here are tips for making your doors strong and potential barriers for burglars.

Secure Doors

Use ADT Alarm System

ADT Alarm System is a device that uses a groundbreaking technology to make your home secure no matter you are at home or not. It comes in 5 types and has been manufactured by a company which is in the home security business for more than last 140 years. You can control them from your smartphone and thus whether you are at work or on a vacation, you can rest assured that your home is safe and secure.

ADT Alarm System

Install Door Armor Kits

Door armor kits installed on exterior doors help prevent burglars from misusing the weakest parts of your doors. They generally contain 3” screws meant to replace short screws that are included in the door hardware, lock/handle hardware, metal framing to surround the hinge and heavy-duty strike plates for deadbolts and handles.

Use Auxiliary Locks

You may have many sliding doors in your home which are open invitations to burglars. Use auxiliary locks on these. There are options available like security bars, loop locks or a vertical bolt locks. Sometimes, security bars are called Charlie bars or sliding door polls.

Secure Glass Doors

Glass doors too are open invitations to burglars. But you can secure them with security film which prevents the glass from breaking easily.

Secure Glass Doors

2. Secure Windows

Fortunately, windows can be secured easily as there are so many security solutions for new as well as old windows that effectively keep criminals out.

Secure Windows

Use ADT Command System

One of the forms of ADT Alarm System is ADT Command System which is a dynamic new panel that uses ADT Control to provide seamless remote communication with the system through a smart device, PC or tablet. You don’t even need the internet for basic use, although for app-based interaction you’ll need it.

ADT Alarm System

Consider Using Acrylic Windows or Reinforced Glass

Acrylic (polycarbonate) and reinforced (laminated or tempered) glass are much more difficult to break than traditional glass windows. They can help deter intruders from continuing to break into your house after they try to break your windows.

Consider Multiple Panes

Rather than using one large pane, consider adding multiple panes to your windows. They offer additional strength and durability to prevent break-in attempts.

Use After-market Window Locks

After-market window locks are simple and cheap gadgets that you can add to your built-in window locks, but they are highly successful in helping to prevent a window from being forced open. There are a few types in them like sliding window locks, double hung window locks or casement window (sometimes known as crank windows) locks, among which you can choose depending on your window style.

3. Secure Garage Door

Homeowners usually tend to forget making their garage door secure. Although breaking into a garage seems impossible, the fact is that it can be done easily and quickly. Worse even is the fact that intruders can shut the garage door behind them and comfortably break into your home without having to worry about being seen. So, you’ll have to pay special attention to make your garage secure.

Use ADT Security Devices

The ADT Alarm System has many other security systems viz. HYBRID, TOUCH, TOTAL SECURITY and Impassa. Make use of them and make your home and garage door burglar-proof.

ADT Alarm System

Bring Your Garage Door Openers In

Although it may seem inconvenient to bring your garage door openers in each night, the inconvenience is well worth it by making your garage door secure.

Secure Your Garage Door Emergency Release

By doing this you can prevent easy entry of criminals. It can be done either by placing an obstruction between the release and the top of the door or by fastening it with a zip tie (which can be smashed by pulling the release cord).

Use a Deadbolt

Add a deadbolt on the garage door between your home and garage to deter further forced entry. Installing a peephole viewer on the door is also a good idea so as to make it easier for you to check the garage without having to open your door.

4. Make Your Home Look Inhabited

Whether you are at home or away, your home should look as if someone is in it. Even though you can deter intruders by making so many modifications in your home as given above, it’s traumatic and terrifying in the first place to have such an intruder trying to break into your home. He can be prevented by even frequenting your home by making the home look inhabited.

Have Lamps on a Timer

Placing lamps strategically across the house and switching them on at night using timer when you are not at home makes your home look as if different rooms are being used.

Leave a Television or Radio On

Sound is a great way to make burglars think you are home. And television or radio does a good job by creating sound. Especially television creates light too and mimics activity.

Make Your Home Look Inhabited

Don’t Close All the Curtains

If you’ll be using the trick of timed lights and/or keeping television on, you should keep at least a few of your curtains and blinds open so that criminals can see the light. Open curtains can also be helpful for the police (or a helpful neighbor) to be able to see inside home if any unscrupulous movement is going on inside.

Make your home truly relaxing by making it secure and safe with the above tips.

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