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4 Fantastic Tips to Get Excellent Protection from Your Home CCTV

4 Fantastic Tips to Get Excellent Protection from Your Home CCTV

CCTV kitsCCTV cameras are one of the most powerful technologies that have offered many homeowners a great peace of mind. Criminals are deterred to a great extent merely with the sight of a CCTV camera because they don’t want to get identified. In addition to prevent break-ins, CCTV cameras can also bring your life to a great ease because you can be aware of what’s happening around you immediately. Whether it’s day or night, you can keep an eye on who’s at your door or your kids or even pets.

For a total protection and monitoring in real time, you need one of the High Definition CCTV kits. If you are installing a surveillance system for the first time, it’s natural for you to get overwhelmed and confused since you don’t know the best places to install the cameras in order to protect your loved ones, belongings and property. Following are a few tips for the most efficient CCTV installation with which you can make your home the safest place for you and your family.


1. Back and Front Doors


Majority of people install CCTV cameras at the front door and totally forget about the back door. Statistics shows that burglars and thieves tend to break in homes through back doors since they know that most homeowners forget placing backside of the home under surveillance. Make sure you place a camera on the backside. Also don’t forget to place cameras on off-street windows too. They are particular favorites of burglars because they aren’t visible from across the street.


2. High Foot Traffic Sections


In every home, there is an area or areas which anyone has to pass through so as to access the rest of the house. These are high foot traffic sections. This means that if a thief breaks in, he will need to pass through this area, maybe it’s a hallway or a corridor. Installing CCTV cameras at such sections will help you catch the actions of the intruder easily.


3. Playing and Sleeping Areas


Intruders often go directly to the master bedroom first. Hence, you should install at least a single camera there positioned strategically. Moreover, installing cameras in your kids’ playing rooms is also important in order to monitor them. It will help you easily monitor them while being busy in cooking or doing any other work. Today you can even monitor your baby through your smartphone from wherever you are.


4. Pointing Camera in the Right Direction


Positioning your camera in an awkward direction is one of the commonest mistakes made by people. You should choose the most strategic angle for your surveillance cameras. Also you should make sure that there is no obstruction before the camera like trees or sunlight glare.

With these tips, your CCTV installation will be fully successful and will give you excellent protection.

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