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5 Important Spots in Your Home where You Should Install Security Cameras

5 Important Spots in Your Home where You Should Install Security Cameras

security camera installation in ChicagoSecurity cameras are today’s best tools that can give you the peace of mind of having your home’s updates even when you are not there. They create a threat in thieves’ mind that they may be caught and so, the risk of theft in your house lowers significantly. But the key is to install the security cameras in just the right positions. Here are some useful tips.

Whether you get it installed by a professional like a security camera installation in Chicago or do it yourself, you should first decide where you’ll install them.

Another good idea is to install real cameras out of reach (& preferably out of sight) and place dummy cameras (which should look like real) everywhere. This way, if an intruder tries to vandalize the dummy camera, the real camera will keep on shooting the offender and he could be caught without a problem. Don’t forget to get them repaired from someone like security camera repair in Chicago to continue the same trick.

1. Front Door

As many as 34% of burglars enter a house through the front door. So, you should place your security camera essentially on your front door. To prevent a burglar from damaging your camera, install it at the second-floor level or in the eves focusing on the front door. If there is only one level, consider keeping your camera wrapped in mesh wiring so as to defend it from sticks, rocks or other weapons.

2. Back Door

Another percentage of housebreakings is 22% that take place through back and side doors. Hence you’ll need to install cameras there too. Here too you should place it out of the reach of burglars or other vandals.

3. Off-street Windows

Another entryway burglars find convenient is a rear window. And if the window is not in the direct view from the street, it’s very favorable for them. So, placing a camera on such a widow is necessary.

4. Side Gate and Backyard

Expensive garden tools and kids’ bikes etc. left out on the lawn can attract thieves to your backyard. Equip your backyard with motion-sensor floodlights as well as night vision security cameras. If your yard is fenced, be sure your camera has an entrance gate view (or install another camera there).

5. Basement Stairs

Basements usually have access hatches/doors or small windows through which thieves can crawl in. In such a situation, placing a camera on the stairs is a good idea that will lead up from the basement to your home and shoot any intruder trying to break into your home through a basement window or another entrance.

Thus make sure you secure all the important entryways of your home with security cameras to have a great control over who would enter your property.

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