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5 Top Benefits of a Baby Monitor

5 Top Benefits of a Baby Monitor

best baby video monitorA baby monitor is an essential tool for the safety of your baby. It gives your baby the necessary security, and you the convenience and peace of mind. There are audio baby monitors and video monitors too, amongst which the video baby monitors provide advanced functionality and additional information, and thereby help parents in numerous ways. Let’s see what the benefits of video baby monitors are.

1. Checking whether the Baby is Standing or Lying

Some parents believe in not entering the nursery if the baby is lying in order to offer her/him the opportunity to self-soothe without their intervention. In such a case, a video baby monitor helps the parents to check whether the baby is standing in the crib or is lying down.

Jena Baby Video Monitor

2. Much Desired Sleep for Parents

The freedom parents get to sleep for more time, without having to constantly monitor the baby, is invaluable, because with the sound sleep, they can get replenished and can take better care of their baby.

3. Tracking of Baby’s Sleep

Some babies toss and turn, but without crying. If an audio monitor is monitoring them, parents won’t come to know that the baby is restless. And even if a baby gives out a little cry, it cannot be distinguished from other sounds. With a video monitor, parents can actually see that their baby is restless though not crying.

tracking sleep

It is advised by doctors that babies between 1 and 3 years of age should get 12 to 14 hours of sleep every day, while younger babies require even more sleep. By monitoring noiseless tossing and turning, parents can track the baby’s sleep more accurately and ensure if s/he is getting enough sleep and if not, they can find the reason behind it and take proper measures. Many video monitors even feature motion-sensors which can alert parents upon movements even if the movements are noiseless.

4. Safety

A baby monitor is a great safety tool for your baby because without being present in the nursery, parents can keep an eye on baby and her/his movements. Many older children fall down while trying to stand up, bump their heads or get up from beds at night. Parents can either prevent these common injuries with the monitor or can come to know about them immediately and run to console the baby.

5. Working as a Nanny Cam & Security Camera

A video baby monitor works efficiently as a nanny cam for working parents to ensure that their baby is getting the desired level of care. What’s more, they can also act as security cameras because they do the same work when positioned on windows and other entry points of home too in addition to the baby.

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