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5 Useful Tips to Make Your New Home Secure after a Move

5 Useful Tips to Make Your New Home Secure after a Move

Home SecurityMaking a move is as stressful as it is joyful. And one of the biggest stressful factors might be regarding how to make your new home secure.

It’s a concern for new homeowners that more than 73% of robberies occur in the residential properties. So, once you hire a moving company and perform other necessary errands, you should pay attention to the security of your new home. Here are a few useful tips.

1. Secure the Doors

Around 33% of burglars enter a home through the front door. Do an inspection of not only the front door but all doors around your new home. Check if the frames are strong, wood is not hollow, hinges are protected and if the door has a mail slot that anyone cannot use to unlock the door. You should make your front door look beautiful but don’t do it at the cost of security. If your door has no deadbolt or peephole, get them installed immediately to make your door secure.

2. Lock the Windows

The latches placed on windows are not always effective and they can even sometimes be downright weak. Inspect them and if they are fragile, replace them with locks or key-operated levers to ensure your safety. You even might consider inserting tempered or laminated glass for a more powerful hold.

3. Consider Installing a Security System

Some or the other form of security system should be installed in every home, no matter whether it’s a standard DIY installation or a fully supervised smart system. Choose a system after evaluating the needs of your area. The options you should consider are alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and motion sensors for doors and windows.

4. Get in Touch with Neighbors

Your neighbors can work as a helpful first line protection against an invasion. They are acquainted with the area and can even keep an eye on your home when you are away. However, unless they know you and have good relations with you, they can’t do this. If something doubtful happens around your home in your absence, a good neighbor will call you and alert you.

5. Eliminate Hiding Places

Bushes and shrubs may be very good for offering curb appeal to your home. However, they also offer burglars hiding spots. Trim down plants and trees near your home that could be used as a cover and choose smaller plants instead.

If you follow these tips and make your new home secure, your move will become fun and free from stress.

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