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6 Great Tips to Make Sure You’ve Made Your Home Safe from Burglars

6 Great Tips to Make Sure You’ve Made Your Home Safe from Burglars

As such, robberies happen in all the countries in the world. But a specific city in a country may be a special attraction for burglars. Dublin is such a city. According to reports, around 42% of burglaries in Ireland take place in Dublin alone and robberies here are on the rise. Reportedly, 80% of these robberies take place during the daytime. It’s a worrying picture for the Irish society and a reminder that anyone can fall prey to the crime in their own home. However, fortunately there are a few simple ways to keep your home safe.

1. Never Become an Easy Target

You don’t want to repent later that you didn’t prepare in advance and were victimised. Start with the external side of your home. If you’re going on a vacation, your home should look as if it’s lived in. For example, in summer, hire someone to mow your lawn. If it’s snowfall time, make sure you hire someone to clear your driveway and steps. You can even have your neighbour park their vehicles in your driveway.

Get alarms, motion-sensors or timers to discourage burglars from sneaking on your home taking benefit of darkness. It’s also important to make all your locks, deadbolts and doors secure with the help of a good Dublin locksmith. If necessary, replace old locks because old locks are easy to break. Finally, make sure you haven’t placed spare keys of the house in your routine hiding places in the exterior of the house or easily visible or accessible places.

locks and deadbolts

2. Change the Letterbox

If your front door has a built-in letterbox, it’s advisable to replace it with a mounted letterbox. It’s common for burglars to get keys through the built-in letterboxes with the help of fishing rods and other such tools. Also regularly make sure your door’s lock is secure.

make sure your door’s lock is secure

3. Don’t Share Your Plans

If you’ll be going on a vacation or renovating your home with new home security arrangements, never share your plans with anyone. It’s easy for anyone to get excited with the vacation and tell others about where they’d be going and for how long. Stop yourself from broadcasting your plans through voicemails, social media, etc. It’s not a good idea to disclose that you’ll be out of town to a lot of people barring a few trustworthy near and dear ones and neighbours.

4. Have More Than One Lock

Almost 80% of Irish thieves break into houses using the front and back doors. Keeping this in mind, it’s recommended to secure your doors with multiple locks. Deadbolts can also be useful to deter burglars from exiting your house. A reputable locksmith company like Locksmiths365 can provide you with a great variety of locks and other security systems.


5. Safeguard Your Home from Fire and Flood Hazards

It’s always a good idea to add a 24-hour fire protection to your security system. For more security, sensors can also be added to monitor the temperature of your house. They will protect your home from extreme cold conditions that might cause bursting of pipes and/or indoor flooding. With technological advances today, you can monitor your home from anywhere, anytime via your smartphones or PCs. You can automate lights and appliances remotely. Especially if your area receives adverse temperatures, it’s good to monitor this or install a similar system to protect your home from flood damage through a remote climate control system.

6. Get a Dog

Just as the technologically advanced tools, an old friend of mankind called dog is still useful to protect your home. A home with a dog, whether big or small, has a less risk of being robbed. While homeowners may not notice a burglar entering their house, dogs are more challenging for burglars to get a pass. Also, just a sign of ‘beware of the dog’ on the door or fence can highly reduce the risk of your house being targeted by robbers.

Follow these tips and get a great peace of mind about the safety of your home.

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