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DBell – Turn Your Doorbell into a Home Security System

DBell – Turn Your Doorbell into a Home Security System

DBellSmart homes are today’s latest craze. You can use your appliances from anywhere, start and stop them with a tap on your smartphone, open and close your home’s doors from your office or any other remote locations, get an alert if an intruder has broken into your house, and so much more. However, have you ever heard of a smart doorbell that allows you to talk to your visitor from anywhere and acts as a security device in addition to working as a doorbell? Well, I am sure, this will excite you because this is going to make your home safer and offer you a greater peace of mind!

DBell Smart Doorbell

Yes, you can now turn your doorbell into a home security system with an innovative product named DBell doorbell! This is a Wi-Fi Smart video doorbell that enables you to answer your visitor from anywhere. If you answer them from your smartphone or tablet, you can see the visitor, talk to them and they can hear you and talk to you too.

After installing dbell doorbell, you don’t need to install a separate CCTV camera as this bell will act as your doorbell as well as a security device. You can also get recordings to your smart gadget to know who visited your home in your absence and to whom you didn’t answer. There is no service charge for this.


How does DBell Act like a Security Device?

DBell does all the jobs and more that a security gadget does.

  • When someone is trying to break in, it alerts you through an email
  • It features a motion sensor that alerts you when there is no one at home and an intruder is at your door. It captures their photos and record videos so that you can know every activity of the intruder. It has a powerful camera with resolution 720p, 1280 x 720
  • It records the video so that you can check it later
  • It has a wide-angle lens with viewing angle 135 degrees, focal length 2.5mm and aperture F2.5
  • It also features undetectable night vision so that if someone is meddling with your door at night in complete darkness, you can view them without even the slight knowledge to the intruder
  • You can open the doorbell remotely for your guests and workmen (this feature is in the pipeline)
  • With its Visitor Log feature, it allows you to see everyone who came to your home in your absence and you couldn’t answer them

Other Features of DBell

DBell is very convenient because it can easily replace your existing doorbell and easy to install. It includes LAN adapter and can be easily connected to wired network as well as Wi-Fi. DBell works with all main platforms including Android, iOS, Microsoft IE Browser and Select Blackberry. Thus, you can access it from your mobile device as well as PC. It’s waterproof so, you don’t have to worry about damage by rain. It is designed specially to suit the Canadian weather. It can be used by 5 users at a time with two-level access viz. Admin and user. A complete mounting kit is included with dbell which contains a rain hood, a low profile mount, all the necessary accessories, crimp, screws, plug and so on. Due to this, you don’t have to spend anything for any accessory.


The most beautiful thing about dbell is that it’s hassle-free with no extra fees other than its original price and you also don’t have to buy anything additional for its installation or performance.

DBell looks beautiful too and comes in an attractive design and color, so that it suits the external aesthetics of your home.

So, instead of buying an expensive security camera, why don’t you consider DBell which can turn your doorbell into a home security system?


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